Man we sure seemed cursed.

  • Holy crap. this is really crazy, sure seems like we are cursed with injuries over the past couple f years. we have had Jo,Jo right at the end of his season and thru the NCAA’S, Perry playing hurt at the end of last yr and in the NCAA’S, we have had Greene, now with his surgery during the off season, and now Devonte with his partial Quad, whz up? Bad signs, lets hope we get this little bogga -bug done with there is a pattern starting to develop and it isn’t good. so is it just bad conditioning on the players part? or is it just freak accidents? or is it a combination of both? what ever it is sure hope the brakes get put on, Landon was banged up with back issues last year NOT GOOD. I’m probably wrong who knows, but I don’t remember of any other colleges with as much injury, whether they are just not disclosing information to the public, or its not happening. at any rate ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • The game seems to be growing exponentially stressful on young bodies. This week in Lawrence teenage players are going up against seasoned professionals. I watched Golden State through the playoff series and finals. Am amazed that a lithe body like Step Curry’s can survive the physical demands. It does seem as though our current group of Jayhawks has collected much more than a customary share of rehab hours.

  • @REHawk

    “The game seems to be growing exponentially stressful on young bodies.”

    I’ve thought that for several years now. The solution is feeding the problem. Players are better and better conditioned… which is supposed to help prevent injuries and does if the player is in the same play as he would have been in worse shape. But the truth is he is NOT. Guys are jumping higher and they are making much sharper cuts. They are putting their joints through hell… more so then 20 years ago.

    Better chance for players like Curry to survive because he is light. For every pound shaved off a player’s frame he is reducing the chance of injury by taking some of the pressure off his joints.

  • I feel so bad for Devonte. His full recovery is essential for us to make it to the Final Four. Olde Vic is going to have to be baptized very early. Svi is good but is no where near the ball handler that Devonte is. Having Seldon play point is not moving us forward in getting the ball across half court in 4 seconds. Four weeks of immobility, some will spin it to say, “He’ll have fresher legs when it counts!” - “Evan Manning will become another Frank Mason!” - This doesn’t have too many positives unless he can come back to be the Superstar that we expect him to turn into. Yes, It could have happened to Ellis, Mason, or any other Jayhawk. Devonte, in the scheme of things IMO is equal as a teammate to anyone on this team.


  • @drgnslayr Curry has also had injury problems in the past. In his first 2 seasons he had serious ankle sprains. He is only the fourth best paid Warrior now because he signed a 4 year contract a couple of years ago which undervalued him due to the possibility of him not being able to play consistently. Luckily he has been ok the past 2 years but whenever he has any ankle tweaks the fans hold their breath.

  • @jayballer54 I couldn’t disagree more. We are BLESSED abundantly. Thank God Devonte and BG’s injuries came when they have plenty of time to get back to 100% before the beginning of the real season. We are NOT cursed in any way, shape, or form. Last year, we lost Perry’s A game, and Cliff altogether, and still made the NCAA tournament, and won a game before bowing out. Most teams would fold up ( Kentucky-2013- 1st rd loss to Bob Morris NIT ), but we fought through, and never quit.

  • @KUSTEVE Thank you Jethro - JED 2016! - He’ll be in a semi-cast until the end of July then he will have 4 months to recover before the first game. I’m just sad that he can’t play in Korea with his teammates and be a part of something special. I hope he can go on the flight. Maybe they can take out a seat and have something for him to lay his leg on. It all depends on the amount of pain he will be in.

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  • @KUSTEVE a Game? a Game? so your settling? if Perry had been full speed, if Jo, Jo, would of been full speed I guaurantee it would of been more then a game. we have had a rash of injuries, no one has said that it didn’t come at a good time. IS there such a thing as a good time for an injury? don’t think so, no time is a good time for injuries, slows progress, development of the player. so consequentially to your believe ya, we have been cursed at very inopportune times with injuries. can you name another college where they have had a rash or sting of injuries such as these? NO. hope your not justifying making the NCAA’S trying to back not being cursed. its pretty hard NOT TO make the NCAA’S. I’m never thanking GOD for BG"s or Devonte injuries at any time rather its in the beginning, the middle or the end, if our teams wouldn’t have encountered these untimely injuries you going to tell me we wouldn’t of beat standard with Jo, Jo?

  • @jayballer54

    It is never a good time to have an injury but you have to agree that some are worse than others, right?

    As far as:

    "ts pretty hard NOT TO make the NCAA’S"

    Kentucky and Uconn, just to name two very recent top programs, disagree…

    Kentucky - Top ranked recruiting classes in the last 5 years. - 2012 National Champion, 2013 NO NCAA (loss to Bobby MO in the NIT], NCAA 2014 Title Game, 2015 Final Four.

    UConn - 2011, National Champion, 2013 2nd Round NCAA, 2013 NO NCAA, 2014 National Champions, 2015 No NCAA.

    Current consecutive appearances:

    • Kansas 26
    • Duke 20
    • Michigan State 18
    • Gonzaga 17
    • Wisconsin 17

    No other team has more than 10…Not so easy, is it?

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