Basketball questions for my own education.

  • I have been watching college basketball (KU in particular) pretty closely since '88 and very closely, to the point of learning the terminology, rules etc of the game since the Bill Self Era. There are some questions I have to ask about the game. I’m sure I will think of more later but for now… What is the main difference between Motion and High low and pick and roll offenses? Those teams that I am aware of that use said offenses, I see a lot of similarities. I see ball screens, I see cuts, I see drives to the paint and drives baseline. I see teams use the high weave to create space for drives and possible kick outs for open shots.
    But, what is the main difference between all those offenses and what can I look for to identify when teams are using them? Thanks, you guys are awesome.

  • GIYF (Google is your friend). Google the terms and you will find lots of information including videos illustrating the different offenses. It would take a Jaybate sized post to describe them.

    For Pick and roll look up videos of Karl Malone and John Stockton, they set the standard for this system. For the High Low offense, look at KU’s videos, it is Coach Self’s preferred offense. Lots of schools run the motion including variation such as the dribble drive run by Kentucky.

    While you are at it, look up the Triangle offense, which the Bull ran it better than anyone and won them a number of NBA crowns, and the Princeton offense, a very effective and sophisticated offense requiring players with high basketball IQ; Coach Bzedelik used to run it at the Air Force Academy but no longer runs it at Wake Forest; too complicated in the age of the one and done, I believe a few Ivy Leaguer still run it.

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