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  • you know I don’t know about any others of you, but man I’ve noticed what seems to be quite a fast developing trend. I mean over the past years its been there but, it seems like this year seems to me anyways this has spread like wildfire. That is college players pulling out of their programs and transferring out to another school. I Saw yesterday, another player that’s transferring from Penn State, whats going on? Are these kids rushing into a initial decision when they commit or what? Just seems that they are really are not thinking their decisions through very well if they turn around and transfer so quickly. Is it me? maybe a couple of these players that are taking longer to decide maybe aren’t so bad after all. I would lots rather see a kid take his time, commit late, real late if that’s what’s needed to make the RIGHT decision or not, even if that decision is not to come to the best College in the land of College Basketball LOL, then to make a quick ill advised one and regret that decision later and end up transferring out, because he rushed that decision. I doubt i’ll get my feed back on this, but I was just curious, and wanted to express my opinion, is it just me? Am I that far off base? or maybe not, what you think?. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I thought the same thing a while back, and someone posted this had been going on for years. They put up some surprising stats to make the point. Perhaps it is just being r reported more these days than it used to be.

  • @jayballer54

    I think someone posted a link a while back that showed how transferring has become very popular with college athletes.

    But if you think about it… all these kids are highly-touted out of HS. Then… if they end up having a bad year or two in college, they are now buried on the bench, out of the spotlight. A sudden announcement of transferring puts them right into the spotlight again! It really is a “start over.” Now if they can play well in a different system, they continue to get more attention.

    Another thing that has grown is the graduated player transfers. I know coaches hate it… but I am very glad that players have this option. Just a tiny bit of freedom they have earned by working hard through academics.

  • @drgnslayr That graduate transfer sure worked out for Tarik Black and KU. I especially appreciated the maturity he brought to the team.

  • @JayhawkRock78 Tarik changed a lot of minds! What a blessing!

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