UT - Academic Wrong Doing Accusation

  • AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Chronicle of Higher Education published a story on Tuesday where there are numberous reports of academic wrong doing concerning the Men’s basketball program. The most recent accusation involves former player Martez Walker in 2013 where he allegedly took pictures of questions on a test and was “looking for answers outside the classroom.”

    On Tuesday afternoon UT released this statement in response to the story:

    “ “Academic integrity is at the core of The University of Texas. Our student-athletes’ academic progress rates are among the best in the nation. And we continually seek to foster an ethical culture that reduces the risk of wrongdoing, manages our internal controls, and responds to inappropriate conduct.

    The university takes any suggestion of wrongdoing extremely seriously. We are always looking to identify problems that may exist and ways we can do better.

    Working with external NCAA bylaw and academic compliance experts Gene Marsh and Geoff Silver, UT is investigating allegations raised by The Chronicle of Higher Education and has contacted the NCAA about them.

    We determined that the university had no knowledge of two former student-athletes allegedly receiving improper help with high school coursework before they enrolled. We now are reviewing three other cases purported to have occurred over a nine-year period since 2006 to determine if any university or NCAA rules were violated and if any action is needed.

    The university has no information that suggests former Men’s Basketball Coach Rick Barnes knew of or was involved in any academic improprieties.

    President Gregory L. Fenves is actively working with his leadership teams in both Student Affairs and Athletics to pursue the highest levels of integrity for all UT students."

  • I saw the story on Bleacher Report. I doesn’t seem that the U had anything to do with any of this.

  • The fake The Bate Group 1.0 wants to announce as part of its fake advocacy for epistemic integrity in 501.c3 sports advocacy that the reputed allegations about UT Horns were REPUTEDLY reported in “THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION”, founded by a Johns Hopkins prof with grants from Carnegie and Ford Foundations. Johns Hopkins is also sometimes affectionately known as SPOOK TECH. The Chronicle is reputedly a sister publication of THE CHRONICLE OF PHILANTHROPY aka university development aka donation and grant hustling. It appears we now have another possible data point of who is going after sports monies via regime destabilization. Let’s give a big round of applause and welcome the private oligarchy backers of SPOOK TECH AND THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER LEARNING to the mad greedy scramble to get a cut of the sports action. Anything they can do to help KU get a ten stack with four footers would be greatly appreciated. D1: it’s fantastical. Seriously, the plot does seem to be thickening.

  • Banned

    I wander if Barnes seen the writing on the wall, and for his faithfulness Texas allowed him to walk? In so many Barnes was the first to say it’s not my job to win championships but to get these kids drafted.

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