Today is June 6....

  • The anniversary of D-Day. I salute the “Greatest Generation”, the heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice and did not come back, as well as those who survived to come home and tell the story. God Bless them all.

    Just watched a documentary concerning the creation of a monument by the French that honored Major Richard Winters for his leadership of Easy Company of Band of Brothers fame, as well as the thousands of men who also led troops in the invasion. While watching that, I recalled the Milford, Mich parks council and town council members being upset over a proposed fallen soldier memorial that consists of a pair of boots, an AR with a helmet on top and dogtags hanging from it. Comments such as it would be ok if the AR was removed, or we don’t want our children to see a machine gun. Bunch of woosified, pantywaist, PC idiots. Bet their kids play violent video games, but heaven forbid they see a memorial with an AR.

    (steps down off soapbox)

  • @brooksmd Old Glory will be high & proud again today !!

    Years ago when we wanted to buy a big screen tv, all the ratings said Mitsubishi was # 1…hogwash. I would not knowingly have one in my home & potentially receive a visitor whom had served being forced to see a product manufactured by the company that made power plants for Japanese Zeros. End of subject. Also when my then 23 year old brought home a Kawasaki crotch rocket & asked me which garage to put it in, I explained to him the Bataan Death March & the POWs that survived it being enslaved to manufacturers eating bread & water till their death. Go park it in the chicken barn.! 👿 WAS NOT a popular decision in my household at the time, but that’s the way it was. Either outside or in the barn ! Same boy enlisted in the Marines about a year later. Guess what he drives now? A Hummer from AM General made in Mishawaka, Indiana. Guess the apple didn’t land far from the tree after all. God Bless America !!!

  • A special day indeed. I get to visit Normandy later this month.

    And my son graduates HS today. On to Texas A&M in the fall.

    Old Glory was hanging high at 7am.

  • Our neighbor kid is getting married today, joined the army out of high school.

  • Banned

  • @DoubleDD she was the best!

  • @brooksmd Being one of those liberal/independents, I have no problem at all with war memorials guns,battery, canons and all. I love it. I am a vet, technically. I signed my life to the US Navy at the tail end of the first Iraq occupation. Im all about paying homage to the soldiers who fought for all of us.

  • @DoubleDD Loved that. Thanks for posting.

  • @DoubleDD

    The perfect rendition, straight and without all the arrangements that most singers nowadays feel like they have do add

  • @DoubleDD The Whitney Houston version is played every hour on the hour (not around the clock) at the Landing on Lake Taneycomo. The architectural firm that designed the fountains for the Billagio in Las Vegas created the accompanying water & propane cannons/display where the Flag is located. Everytime we go to Table Rock the wife like to shop there so I try to see it often & I enjoy it more every single time. Two things I never grow weary of being or professing: a proud & grateful American or being a man of Christian faith. Have to go bring down Old Glory guys. Thanks for that link.

  • My Uncle, who just passed, at 90 something, said Omaha Beach was bad, but the Battle of the Bulge was what was toughest for him, then he fought in Korea and got caught up in the Chinese charge and then the long fight to recover. He was in rifle companies in both wars. Said guys were just as dead in Korea and it was just as cold as in the Bulge. An amazing man. All days of observance and memorial are only the tips of the iceberg.

  • @brooksmd You’re welcome to get up there anytime youwish-you’ve earned it 👍

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