Guys, i'm no scientist but.

  • guys, man I was watching ESPN the other night, and saw scrolling across the bottom of the screen you know the blips? they was talking NORTH CAROLINA. again not claiming to be the brightest light in the house BUT, it looks like to me Roy and the NORTH CAROLINA is in some SERIOUS doo-doo. now I could be wrong but they were showing the allegations that the NCAA had delivered against N. C. and there was 1 in there that covered of like a 9 year period and wong doings, and then I MIGHT be wrong but thought it also said somewhere along the line where N.C. had not cooperated with the NCAA if that’s the case with all the things alleged they could be in some serious trouble, anybody know a little more for sure? ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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    It’s the Tar Heels. There will be no vacated titles. Maybe and I mean maybe a few wins. Mostly likely they’ll lose some scholarships and maybe a two year ban from the tournament, and that will be it.

    Hell I bet whatever the NCAA hands down won’t even affect this years UNC team. After all UNC has a good team this year. The NCAA won’t dare derail that freight train. Matter of fact I think UNC is giving HCRW a new contract to show the NCAA who’s boss.

  • THE BATE GROUP 1.0 that advocates for epistemic integrity in collegiate sports advocacy has a position on the reputed North Carolina easy course infraction case.

    We oppose all not for profit 501.c3 sports advocacy for regime change at UNC, except for that advocacy leading to new coaching hires that 501.c3 sports advocacy groups do NOT want hired.

    Thank you for this moment of your time.

    (Note: all fiction. No malice.)

  • Coach Williams was not prominently mentioned in the NCAA charges and he is now in the process of negotiating what could well be his final contract and he will likely not be personally affected by the investigation. It looks like the Football Program will bear the brunt of the punishment and the Basketball Program will get off with light punishment. UNC BBall being one the favorites for the upcoming season will make it unlikely that the NCAA imposes heavy sanction on the program.

  • Roy Deane and the Dadgum-Jordanaires, a fake Ashville, NC mock country and western band will play at both the press conference announcing Roy’s new coaching contract and at the after party celebrating the football program being thrown under the bus. The Dadgum Jordanaires will be playing songs from their new nostalgia LP released analog on petro vinyl called PetroShoeCo Blues-- an East Carolina chart buster. Song titles include: “The Ballad of Mike and Roy,” “These Oily Shoes of Mine,” “D-Dean Made Us D-Do It,” “My Tutor Wrote This Song for Me,” and “I’m Down But I Keep Endorsing.” All concert and album proceeds will be donated to the new "Literacy for Old Tar Ballers Now Foundation.

    (Note: this is all fiction. No malice.)

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    “My Tutor Wrote This Song for Me”

    QILO! (Quiet Internal Laughter at Office)

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    We will have get @approxinfinity to install a boss button!

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    I thought it was…

    “My Tutr Wroat Dis Song Fer Me”

    Yes… it looks like football will take the major hit.

    I recall several years ago a statement made by the NCAA concerning punishments. They said they were going to lighten punishments and turn away from the “death penalty” type of hammering on programs because they thought too heavy a punishment could have a more-severe impact than they intended. I believe they referenced SMU football on that one.

    This “redirection” was focused towards the blue blood programs so they could be saved and (more important) their revenue streams preserved.

    It is all about $money$!

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