Keegan piece on Weis nails it


    I have to say that I completely agreed with the original piece from Keegan when he said we needed an OC for the team. And I completely agree with what he has to say about Weis. Love the line that says while not arrogant he is a Jersey wise donkey. Cracked me up.

    This move definitely gives me hope for more wins next season.

  • Agree with your post eastcoast. But no offense will work if the WRs cannot catch. So sick of the dropsy. Turzilli needs to go, Im sorry. Major upgrade coming as Harwell eligible AFTER TOMORROW. And Pierson staying healthy also depends on not over-using him, which means we need more competence on offense…

  • I have to say, I still believe there is something fishy about all those dropped passes. No way every single receiver on our team permanently slumps once they arrive at KU without a good reason.

    Right now I’m not only looking at Notre Dame retread #1, Rob Ianello for his work with that corps, but I am looking at Notre Dame retread #2, Ron Powlus for his work with our QBs. Also looking at Weis, of course, and his system.

    You have to know how to catch, but even if the pass gets in the area, hell even if it hits you in the numbers, it has to be a “catchable” pass. i.e. timed correctly etc. I don’t know what it is but it can’t be that we just recruited a bunch of guys who can’t catch a pass. There is something else at play, and I think this Reagan hire is a huge step in the right direction.

  • @KGphoto - I have a theory about the dropped pass syndrome. They watch and learn from the Chiefs.

  • @KGPhoto. Why are you looking at Powlus? The QBs might not have been the stars of the team, but they were not the main problem either. Both Heaps and Cozart played to their strengths reasonably well, Heaps as the pro-style pocket passer and Cozzart as the scrambler; if QB would have been the main problem, switching to Cozart would have abated the problem, it did not.

    Heaps in particular, consistently put the ball in the receiver’s hand or threw very catchable balls that the WRs were unable to hold on to. Look at quality receivers in other teams and you will see that most passes thrown in their vicinity usually get caught; not with ours. How many games could have had different results if our receivers would have caught balls that had TD written all over? No question that having Harwell available would have made a difference and could have been a game changer, I guess we will see how he plays next year.

    The most under performing unit was unquestionably the Offensive Line. You could argue that we did not have the personnel or that coaching was sub-par but the end result is the same. Grunhard is now gone and a new offensive coordinator is coming so there is reason to believe that Coach Weis knew that this was the weak link in the chain.

    Returning players and having key players become eligible is encouraging; next year will the true test on whether the program is making progress or regressing. As I said before, any thing less than 4 conference wins next season would make Coach Weis seat very hot.

  • There’s a problem with our WRs when their individual total of receptions for the year are less than 10 more receptions than all of our DBs. Shockingly here are the numbers!

    R. Coleman 8; A. Turzilli 7; J. Ford 9; J. McCay 9; T. Parmalee 9; C. Matthews 11 <— led all WR

    Safety Isiah Johnson had 5 interceptions…

    KSU WR Tyler Lockett had more than all of these guys combined!!! 71 receptions on the year… Maybe we could trade all of our WRs from this year for him?? Think the old man would go for it?

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