Thanks to Kansas, the Spartans’ shot at landing the former four-star center has vastly improved.


    If I were a betting man I would put my money on Paschal Chukwu to Michigan State.

  • I did get some confirmation that HCBS is still interested and Chukwu is on campus. I am not sure how he is going to pull this off but he must have some angle he is using?

  • Seems like a current scholarship player would have to agree to walk on.

  • Matt Scott from 247 sports and the shiver says he will pay for his first year of school. IF it were me it would be hard to walk on at KU over a free ride with Izzo. However HCBS has put more bigs in the NBA in the recent past. I would think NBA track record vs free tuition would be an extremely hard decision at 19 years old!

  • @Statmachine; @ajvan --What if Hunter graduates and Coach Self recommends him as a graduate transfer to SMU? Nic Moore could have been the first part of a “diplomatic-athletic” linkage between our coaches and schools. That way, nobody loses a scholarship, nobody is actually run off, and Chukwu gets to come to Big Man U without having to pay his own way during the transfer year. A win-win for everyone, as it would give us added guard depth for the WUG, which is an overseas experience for the Mustang player; Hunter would get to play on a team for another one of the most accomplished coaches ever and would get a chance to show his skills for a future overseas pro league career; and KU gets two more bigs where it looked like only one would fit. I would think that, if the NCAA has no problem with shoe companies stacking programs with recruits, they could have no problem with two championship ring-wearing coaches who happen to be friends doing favors for each other, esp. since their teams do not play each other and are in different conferences.

  • @Statmachine; @ajvan – I forgot to say that the WUG would give Hunter and Nic Moore the opportunity to play together, which would give Coach Brown an additional viable big, who had experienced playing during the summer with his guard.

  • @EdwordL I am not sure what’s going on but whatever it is HCBS isn’t exactly going public with it just yet. I think Hunter wants to play and I just don’t see that happening for him with our current roster. There has to be something going on behind the scenes? He transferred to KU assuming it was his best shot at making it. Not a bad move on his part BUT he has yet to crack the rotation. I honestly don’t think this 7"2 center would even be on campus if there wasn’t a scholarship offer potentially on the table. I think Hunter will transfer this summer. He is too talented to ride the pine and could easily start somewhere else.

  • @EdwordL That’s ingenious, man. I don’t think anyone else has come up with that scenario, so if it actually goes down that way, this site will owe you a drink.

    Does Larry Brown need another big man?

    The main wrench in the works is that there’s been no indication Hunter will be eligible for a grad transfer. Maybe he’s secretly taking online courses and whittling his degree requirements down to size…if so, no one’s mentioned it.

    I like your idea, it’s the closest to a win-win-win-win (Hunter-Chukwu-Self-Brown) I can think of.

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