Karma Or Compassion? : Cliff Injures Knee During Pre-Draft Workout With Lakers

  • http://www.kansascity.com/sports/college/big-12/university-of-kansas/article22971699.html

    Surprised this hasn’t been posted to the board yet. If it has been discussed, my apologies. According to an article in the KC Star, Cliff Alexander injured his knee during a pre-draft workout for the Lakers. It appears to be a mild sprain of the MCL and he is scheduled to miss 3 to 5 days. How this may affect his workouts going forward or his possible draft status is unknown.

    On the surface, for me at least, this is sort of a final indignity for a highly-touted prospect who, through circumstances supposedly out of his control, forfeited any remaining eligibility and development time he could have had at Kansas. I say “supposedly” because details are still scant as to what really went down. My gut tells me he was used as a pawn by his family for a quick payday, but the article hints at a glibness in interviews, dismissing the whole thing as being dealt a bad hand. He goes even further, sort of tossing Self’s rotation tendencies under the bus when asked about his inability to stay on the court in his up-and-down, truncated freshman season.

    Personally, I have compassion for the guy, but many see the injury as instant karmic payback for familial arrogance. Either way, if this injury further diminishes Cliff’s professional prospects or seals its fate entirely it will be a truly dismal end to a sad chapter in Kansas Basketball lore.

  • @tis4tim

    I hope Cliff finds a good path with his life. Often struggle is the needed ingredient to help guide to a bright light. I hope that is the case with Cliff, and he ends up playing his dream on a NBA team.

  • Calling the Drake Group. Come in, Drake Group.

  • @tis4tim I could never wish an injury on anyone. He’s just a kid, and he hasn’t had the best guidance. I hope the best for him!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Spot on. How many of us at age 18 or 19 would have made a better decision? Sometime we lose track that these are just kids barely out of high school.

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