Nov 28 Headlines: KU vs. Wake Forest -- Game Day!

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    ###Series History:###

    • The Wake Forest-Kansas series is tied at two wins apiece. The teams are meeting for the first time since a 2001 game in Lawrence.
    • Wake Forest and Kansas have met twice in the NCAA Tournament, with the Deacons winning in 1984 and the Jayhawks winning in 1994.
    • Wake Forest and Kansas also played a home-and-home series in 2000 and 2001, as each squad won at home.

    ####CJ Online – Jesse Newell: KU Ready to face team its own size in Wake Forest####

    PARADISE ISLAND, Bahamas — Kansas coach Bill Self is ready to see how his team matches up with someone its own size.

    Through five games, KU has not yet faced a team with two traditional forwards in its starting lineup … or at least not two big men with height that is typically found in the Big 12…

    ####KUSports: Wake Forest respects, doesn’t fear KU####

    Paradise Island, Bahamas — Wake Forest University’s men’s basketball players might be young, but they’re not that young.

    At least that’s the way coach Jeff Bzdelik sees it…

    ####KU Sports: Two tickets to paradise: Transfer Tarik Black gets second shot at Atlantis title####

    Paradise Island, Bahamas — It’s not often a major-college basketball player gets a second chance, a “do-over,” so to speak, in a holiday tournament played in an exotic locale…

    ####Kansas City Star: KU Athletic Department chartered 4 flights for KU students####

    PARADISE ISLAND, Bahamas — In the early 1900s, when a new sport called basketball was beginning to infiltrate new parts of the country, the game would often have to be played in local social halls… Nice overview of all the teams in the tourney from a Wake Forest perspective####

    Opposing defenses will need to focus on Ellis and let the cards fall where they may with the other guys. If Ellis gets hot in Atlantis, this tournament could be over before it ever gets started.

  • Totally unrelated… Someone needs to get on the ball and update Bill Self’s site! This page is missing our guys from the last 2 years:

  • Most interesting headline so far may just be that Tim Floyd & Andy Enfield coaching staffs were about to roll on the floor when Enfield tried to apologize for chippiness in an interview mocking Floyd. Tim took the moment to do a little poking & barking himself and coaches had to be separated after about a 5 minute “conference.” Even though it’s business, these guys are taking it very, very personal. Here’s the link:

  • Jayhawk things I’m thankful for:

    Danny Manning. His and my senior year. Front row seats from just behind the north goal for 3 years of his amazing talent on display.

    Allen Field House. Every time one of those lists comes out of best arena, best fans, etc. it’s right there. Haven’t been back since graduation, but if I can give thanks to a building I will, thanks AFH.

    Probation. The minor scandal after the championship led to Brown leaving and Roy coming. Every team in the country has fallen out of the tourney since that year except KU.

    2006 I moved my family to Louisiana (long story there, don’t ask!) which led to my proximity to the Superdome and the opportunity to see the Jayhawks for the first time since 1988. Even though they lost the game it was a bucket list type of thrill.

    Sherron, Darrell, Brandon, Sasha, Darnell because Mario’s miracle doesn’t happen without the key roles they played in that game.

    Memorial Stadium. A beautiful place to watch mediocre football during my three years on campus. I did get to see OSU and their highly touted running back Thurman Thomas and thinking their backup, whoever that #20 is, might be better than the highly touted Thomas.

    KUSports We’ve sure been rough on the website, but without it, my 2012 memory may not have happened. Thanks @BrooksMD!

    Wilt It’s nice to think that the greatest in the game played here.

    Late Night with Larry Brown 1985 The first realization that I had come to a special place, because growing up in Chicago I really didn’t know KU had a great hoops tradition.

    Technology. It allows me to watch every KU game, even the exhibition games from the farflung places I’ve lived.

    Approx for keeping some of us together.

  • Nice post Wissox.

    I started one myself and soon realized it would rival a Jaybate post in length, so I hit discard. ( no malice! I Learned a lot from those posts! but about halfway through a part 2 I would give up and scroll down.)

    Anyway, let’s just say I am thankful for Jayhawk memories starting with the ku relays when I was 16 and every year since.

  • yet another game I cant watch. Thanks to our wonderful new tv deal. I think its crap. regardless KU shouldn’t have trouble getting a W, with Wake Forest having no wins against kenpom top 200 and KU being in the top 5. Lets be honest here, KU could either get upset or they will win in a blowout. My thinking is toward the latter. I mean Coach B doesn’t really impress me with his coaching prowess. We named Colorado AFH West when he was there…

  • Go ahead Jayhawkrock! Let’s have it.

  • Happy Thanksgiving to all. Appreciate the post @wissoxfan83

    I want to add special thanks to Coach Larry Brown. I graduated undergrad at KU in 1980, and remained in KC area until 1987. Never missed a game. The decline in the program under Coach Ted Owens was obvious. Coach Brown brought KU back into national relevance. The media attention provided by Coach Brown, and ultimately Danny Manning, began to open doors for recruiting. Thanks for righting the ship.

    I also thank technology. It is sad to think that those in close proximity to Lawrence are missing TV games that I get to see in Pennsylvania. I feel blessed that I have not missed a game on TV for the past 6 years. I will be feasting on turkey and KU hoops later today.

    I am looking forward to the Wake Forest game. They have a sophomore, Devon Thomas, who went to school right down the road from me. He is a big, who averaging a double double this year. I have watched him, and his sister-who is an All American at Maryland and a certain 1st round draft pick in the WNBA, grow up and play. This will be a game where I am not routing for him. I feel confident we will win, but we need to be ready to play.

    I also want to thank KUSports. It has been my staple for basketball news over the years. Unfortunately, it is time to move on. Many thanks to @approxinfinity to making this new site happen.

    Thanks to all the great KU fans. Let’s have fun this holiday weekend and bring home the tourney championship (as a prelude to great things to come).


  • Happy Thanksgiving and Rock Chalk to all!

    I think we will get the W against Wake Forest and I don’t want to look too far ahead. But with potential games against Villanova (kenpom #22), Iowa (kenpom #15) then @ Colorado (kenpom #49) and @ Florida (kenpom #7). The next part of our schedule is no joke! I think this going to be where we find out who this team really is.


  • @approxinfinity I posted the article from and put an entry in at the top. Hope this is OK

    The comments about KU in the article seem right on target so maybe the rest of it is too. I’m still reading it.

  • Happy Thanksgiving to all too. Unfortunately the only way I’ll be able to follow the game in on 610 radio. I’ve downloaded the Tunein app in order to listen. No cable, no direct tv in my area – 45 miles west of Austin.

    Anybody see the Tyshawn video bumping into Kidd to spill his drink when they had no time outs left?

  • @rockchalkintexas The Tyshawn bump was on ESPN Sports Center this morning, including Jason Kidd saying “Bump me” just before it. Tyshawn takes another one for the team.

  • @careful_you awesome! Nice find

  • Friendly reminder that the game blog is here for those not napping after their Thanksgiving feasts.

  • If anyone is reading here during halftime, jaybate is now appearing on Jesse’s game blog. See link two posts up. Come!

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