Fred To Chicago, Bruce To Ames, And Sherronagon Up For Rent!

  • “Bulls may target Hoiberg: The Ames Tribune reported Thursday that Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg in April “let it be known to five-star recruit Cheick Diallo that his immediate future at Iowa State was not a certainty.” Multiple Tribune sources told the paper that “while Hoiberg did not definitively say he planned to move on to the NBA, he also communicated that he couldn’t fully commit he would be returning to ISU to coach Diallo and what figures to be a preseason top-10 Cyclones team in 2015-16.” Hoiberg is believed to be a leading candidate for the Chicago Bulls coaching vacancy. Diallo, of course, wound up committing to KU.”


    So the Mayor jumps to Chicago, Bruce is hired at ISU from the purple kittens to do what he does best (coach other coach’s talent), and the mildcats forfeit a season or two because they are without a coach or a team.

    Just a humorous thought to start my Friday off right!


  • @drgnslayr Chitown ain’t that far from Ames-Fred might get to sleep in his own bed 3 months outta the year… Fun place to visit now & again & quite possibly THE greatest sports city in the country, BUT what a friggin rat race!!!

  • @drgnslayr


    Mock Burial of Fred to be announced soon!

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