The truth going home?

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    Where there is smoke there is fire

    It would seem from the twitter world, and the internet universe that the Truth Paul Peirce a KU beloved maybe heading to the Clippers next year.

    I don’t know why as I’m not much of an NBA fan, but I was interested in the Clippers this year. In some ways I guess I was flirting with borderline fandom. I would like to say it was because Danny Manning played there, but that’s not it. I think it’s I just because I hate Kobe and the Lakers. 👅

    However if the Peirce does go to the Clippers. Do they become the favorites next year? I know the truth is getting older, but didn’t the Clippers miss a veteran presence? I’m not sure, as I said I don’t follow the NBA game much.

    So for you KU fans that know the NBA game. Does signing Peirce make it a game changer for the Clippers? Should I buy a Clippers jersey? A the Truth Paul Peirce jersey of course. 👏

  • I’m not knowledgable enough about the Clippers to know if Pierce would put them over the top, but man, what an asset to have in the play-offs. He won 3-4 games for the Wizards with clutch shots and they might still be playing if John Wall had passed him the ball .01 seconds sooner (literally) in their season-ending loss. He hit a crazy, closely-guarded three a fraction of a sec too late.

    If The Truth goes to LA, I’ll be a Clippers fan next season.

  • I think his veteran presence could really help the Clippers. They seem to be just a piece short of making it to the Finals.

    The Truth needs to stick with teams that have a solid chance of making it to June. I’d definitely put the Clippers into that group. Hope he makes the move. It would be great if he could get closer to home to play out his career.

  • @DoubleDD

    Pierce played for Doc Rivers and the Celtics so River is very familiar with “the truth.”

  • Or how about Pierce really goes home and signs with the Warriors?

    Might it also help his energy to play with so many young guns?

  • @DoubleDD I’ve got a Paul Pierce Celtics Jersey. 🙂
    Man, I really hope he stays with the Wizards. They were very good this year. Paul was clutch for them many times. I want to see them go further in the playoffs and they would have a hard time doing it without Paul. Plus, I loved seeing Paul and Drew on the court together. Rock Chalk baby!
    After Paul is done in the league, I hope he comes to the KU staff. Seems like a long shot but one can wish, right?

  • @Lulufulu

    Might Paul be every bit the coaching asset Danny was for us?

    Seems like he could be a monster asset!

    So lets start the campaign. Who in here still lives in Lawrence and has the time to petition the city counsel for “Paul Pierce Boulevard?”

  • Would be pretty sweet to see The Truth on the KU bench!

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    Didn’t Paul Peirce say something about coming back to KU land? I think it was after the Legends of the Phog game. Where Mario handed Paul his only non winning game at the field house?

    The legends of the Phog

    By all means count me in on the Truth coming back to KU to ride the bench as an assistant coach. 😂

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