Paachal visits

  • saw update on Paschal. Now has visits to KU, Neb, Virginia, & Mich St. my only problem is, I read where he was surposed to be on Campus at KU the 1st week of June, now I read where it says he is visiting Nebraska Jun 1st and 2nd. hope we can land him, would be nice get.

  • @jayballer54

    There’s no change to his KU visit. June 1-2 is a Monday and Tuesday, his KU visit is scheduled for the first weekend in June which would be the 5-7.

  • Practice for the WUGs begins June 9. Paschal might consider packing an extra suitcase for his trip to Lawrence; then check out a room key for the long stay. Though foreign born, he could get in a month of solid practice time before his year of Div. 1 ineligibility, then lapse into the arms of Andrea Hudy for some serious strength training and bulking up.

  • @REHawk love it 🙂

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