Maybe the funniest thing I've ever read.......

  • An excerpt from a story in my local paper this morning titled " Mizzou AD Alden ejects student fan group "

    COLUMBIA, Mo. – An unsanctioned University of Missouri student fan group was kicked out of a second straight game over what school officials call a pattern of inappropriate chants.

    Members of The Antlers were ejected from Mizzou Arena early in the second half of Missouri’s 78-64 win over IUPUI, The Columbia Daily Tribune reported Tuesday. The ejections came after the group was escorted out of the arena by campus police before tipoff of Saturday’s home game against Gardner-Webb.

    Members of The Antlers have been ejected from Missouri home games of late for what the school has deemed a pattern of inappropriate chants. Many fans booed loudly as the ousted students departed mid-game Monday, again with a campus police escort. Missouri forward Tony Criswell even gave high-fives to several of The Antlers.

    Athletic director Mike Alden told reporters later that the students violated the school’s core values, which include respect and responsibility.

    “This is actually laughable to me, but let me just say this: We have high expectations for our students and our staff at the University of Missouri,” Alden said. "Our core values are respect, responsibility, discovery and excellence, and it’s critically important that we represent those values every day in everything we do.

    “We just want to make sure that folks are representing the institution with class.”


  • Yeah, I saw another story about it that detailed some of the things they yelled… stuff about a player needing to cover a bloody wound because he has AIDS, or yelling “raise your hands if you think Hurricane Katrina was a good thing” during a freethrow, and similar stuff. Kind of puts Hilton in perspective 🙂

  • Great story. So ironic. Ever since I was a student at KU in the 70’s, Misery has prided itself on its fan behavior being rude, obnoxious, and disrespectful. This was their version of home court intimidation. Now they are developing a case of “cultural sensivity” and respect? What a joke?

    I wonder if the schools increased media exposure due to the football teams success in the SEC is prompting this sudden change?

  • What a laugher…

    Ask any former Jayhawk player what it was like to play in Columbia.

    It’s where I learned to discriminate vile from bile.

  • The antlers are by far the vilest fan group in college basketball. The school’s effort seem hypocritical after having tolerated this behavior for a long, long time.

    They are the finest example of fans of the flagship university of the state whose claim to fame is being the meth capital of the world…and having the largest number of strip joints billboards per capita.

  • I remember Ryan Robertson after finally winning at MU with his last second heroics, going over to stand in front of the Antlers with his hands on his hips staring at them while the yelled obscenities at him and throwing cups and food as he just smiled at them. 1998.

  • wrwlumpy… factually correct.

    Antlers are famous for what they throw on the court at players. You can bet there were times when KU teams were given instructions to lift their arms with their warmup tops on only their arms and pull tight in hopes to protect themselves from flying objects. Imagine Jayhawk teams all looking like the “Flying Nun” running through the tunnel at Hearnes Center or Brewer Fieldhouse.

    Someone refresh my memory… what Jayhawk player in recent history was nailed with trash at Columbia? Didn’t one of our guys get slightly damaged from a cup?

    The following link is what Mizzou Antlers are all about. Really rich tradition…

    (love to read the Antler in the comments… calling KU’s basketball success “ill-begotten”… and how he would prefer having a “well-rounded” athletic department. Seriously… is that what you call not winning a NC in either basketball or football… “well-rounded?”… what a joke!)

    Personally, I’m glad the trash moved to the SEC. It’s a match made in heaven.

    We didn’t share a rivalry with Mizzou… we just shared hatred. It’s like calling the USA entering WWII the beginning of a rivalry. Americans hated Hitler… and the hatred extended to Japan after Pearl Harbor.

  • @drgnslayr - " We didn’t share a rivalry with Mizzou… we just shared hatred. "

    That’s a really good insight. (now) I think we have a rivalry with K-State, but you are spot on regarding Moo. I never looked forward to playing them in any sport, I just looked forward to hating them that day. (I’m really not an angry or violent person, but I truly hated Mizzou).

    I thought they were gutless pukes for leaving the Big 12, but now that they’re gone, I just feel a lot cleaner.

  • MU’s “well-rounded” athletic department? Like their last NCAA title in anything being an indoor track championship in the 60s?

    Anyone know how I can post a photo here? I took one of the TV Saturday during MU’s game with Gardner-Webb. The arena was barren. Unbelievable, yet believable all in one.

  • @highelitemajor you can drag the photos straight from your folder onto the reply window

  • Mizzou Arena.jpg

    Thanks @approxinfinity. Ok … Here’s MIzzou arena last Saturday. Like I said, unbelievable and believable all in one.

  • @HighEliteMajor - the Missouri “fan base” is so pathetic. Can you imagine Allen Field House EVER looking like that? Heck, more people would show up at KU to watch practice. LOTS more. Watch an Okie State game some time though. It’s not this bad, but it’s probably 1/3 empty most of the time, unless they’re playing a top 5 team.

  • Low attendance, bothering MU players since 2011…

    Anyone have any links to some stats on how former Big 12 teams are faring in football/basketball before/after leaving?

  • I think the “No Mom Tom” chant (at Thomas Robinson) was one of the worst ever. A different kind of bad than the awful display at/after IowaState (EJ39game).

    Wont bore you all with my thoughts on IowaState, as I just went/vented the long version under the 'Clones or Clowns headline, lol…

    The other thought is the “kinder/gentler Mizzou” is simply because they think they are more relevant now that they are doing really well in football in the SEC, so there will be more “eyes” on them (and there will be). Time will tell about Frank Haith.

  • @ralster you made a compelling case for scorning the Iowa State fanbase! Still dig the Mayor’s program though.

  • Ralster,

    Wow. I had never heard exactly what they chanted about TRob. I’m speechless. How can anyone do that? (Even a college kid?).

  • I guess we all have to remember that Kansas has always held an elite status in basketball… and several of these teams fan bases go nuts from that fact. BTW: it is a fact, and indisputable… I think that part of it being indisputable is what rubs trashy fans.

    I don’t understand that because our football history is not that great (concerning victories) but I’ve always respected teams like Oklahoma. I was at our recent loss to OU at Memorial and sat beside OU fans. We enjoyed each others’ company.

    Our best retaliation on this type of behavior is to just go in there and take care of business. These silly ISU and MU fans should just be ignored. They aren’t even worth insulting because no one insults them better than what they do to themselves. Not worth a shoot out in the gutter.

    I’m just glad we don’t play Mizzou any longer. We never had anything to gain… and everything to lose.

    CS is high on my list and part of the reason relates to him not wanting any part of MU in the future.

  • @Hawk8086 - M i s s o u r i. Five million people, six last names.

    (Jayhawk fans residing in Missouri are exempt from this)

  • I used to drive to KU from Chicago through Iowa instead of Missouri. Both routes were equal. I did have to compromise my values and come down I-35 for an hour or so through misery, but I closed my eyes the whole time.

  • I’ve always respected teams like Oklahoma.

    @drgnslayr, Billy Tubbs was hard to respect. OU was the team to hate in the 1980s, predominantly because of him. Times have changed, but back then they were the team I despised more than any other.

  • @tundrahok , drgnslayr was talking about OU football, not basketball. He was saying he could appreciate top football teams despite KU not being one, so why can’t people appreciate KU basketball even if their own team isn’t so hot.

  • Yes… I was talking about football… but even basketball… there is no way you can compare Tubbs to Stewart. Stewart hated Kansas so much he refused to even buy gas over the border. But tundrahok… I understand your issues with Tubbs. He wasn’t my favorite OU coach either!

    My comment was more about the fan bases and not coaches. I didn’t have a problem with Anderson at Mo. And Haith is Haith… Snyder bothered me because he was like watching a miniature poodle with vibrating head and panting breath. None of those reasons create real hatred toward a program. Like I said before… rivalry is different from out-and-out hatred! Rivalries don’t stoop so low as to joke about a player’s mother’s tragic death…

  • I know, but Tubbs poisoned the whole school for me. I was at an impressionable age…

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