Departing Coach Gossip During Recruiting Season

  • There is a reason why all of us keep a KUBuckets page open all the time and hit the refresh button a couple hundred times a day.

    College basketball sudden news can dramatically impact the game, our team and other teams we like to keep an eye on in the blink of a second.

    Take the rumors going around about the Mayor jumping to the league. You know these rumors are playing havoc on the fan base in Ames, with the current group of talented players there, and even messes with recruits who have ISU on their list.

    The rumors just won’t die down on Fred. There is constant chatter going on in the universe. It appears that it won’t stop until the Chicago Bulls clarify their future with the world. I’m doubtful that will happen anytime soon. Fred, the ISU fans and players, and possible recruits will just have to hang out on the edge until an announcement comes out of Chicago. Nothing short of that will suffice… so the drama will be ongoing and may impact ISU’s coming season, and seasons to follow.

    Pollard on Hoiberg Watch: Let’s step back from ledge

    We know what this is all about. We’ve been plagued with rumors of our own coach heading to the league for several years now. Remember this:

    Self just being honest about NBA

    How could you forget?!

    It seems like such rumors could bring extreme damage to a team during a recruiting season. Do highly-valued recruits really want to consider going to a school where the coach is about to exit? We know what happens when coaches leave… so (often) do many of the new recruits. But is it possible, that until a coach announces he is leaving, he is actually more of an incentive for highly-touted recruits to come play there? I’m starting to think this may be the case. HS players with NBA ambitions seem to magnetically attract to anyone rumored to be wanted by the NBA. So I’m game into thinking this is the case, but maybe not so probable for coaches just moving to another university job.

    I know it stinks to be a Florida Gators’ basketball fan right now. Might be fun to book a game with Florida again this year…

  • @drgnslayr

    Health wise, Fred almost has to stay put.

    But Fred apparently lost the only recruiter he had that could bring in talent to ISU; that guy is at St. John’s now.

    Heck yes Fred would seriously consider an offer from the L!!

  • @jaybate-1.0

    “Health wise, Fred almost has to stay put.”

    That’s what I thought… but why would he torture his fan base with silence?

  • @drgnslayr

    Because he knows he can’t recruit.

  • @drgnslayr

    I realize that sounded a bit flip, and I did not mean it to.

    My hypothesis is that the convergence of part of the Big Shoe-Agent complex with Drake Group advocacy, the assistant coaches association and the new African American head coaches association advocacy, and the Ed Obannon case have finally made recruiting too difficult for many, many head coaches not on the inside of this new power network controlling talent flow into and out of D1. A tipping point may have been reached on who can and cannot reasonably gamble on a long term head coaching career.

    I suspect the handwriting is on the wall now that you have to be on the inside, or have a top assistant being groomed to replace you on the inside, of the new power network, or successful recruiting will not remain feasible, unless you are already at a power program and with an elaborate legacy recruiting network. New coaches to D1 are either on the inside of the new power network, or they probably have to think about moving on if an opportunity presents itself.

    Head coaching arrivals like Johnny Jones at LSU and Cuonzo Martin at Cal, each lavished suddenly with big time talent, despite not having prior records consistent with attracting such top talent, are what this new power network are producing.

    Head coaching departures like Donovan may be partly the other result of this new power network.

    Fred might fall under this category of departures, if he in fact departs, unless he is willing to hire another assistant from the emerging power network. Perhaps Fred was comfortable with the assistant he had that left for St. John’s, but cannot find another assistant from the emerging power network that he is comfortable with.

    Also, Fred’s health and the recruiting assistant issue may combine to make college coaching AND recruiting even more strenuous than NBA coaching alone. Or maybe Fred is trying to become an NBA GM that does not have to travel so much. Or maybe Fred’s health has made him decide he has to amass some quick money in an NBA contract to take care of his family NOW.

    Very hard to say from the outside looking in. Health problems cause lots of subtle and not so subtle trade offs to have to be considered.

    Rock Chalk!

  • @jaybate-1.0

    I’m curious. Who are the current ShoeCo’s ombudsmen that dictate college sports? Who replaced Sonny Vaccaro? George Raveling? World Wide Wes? There must be many of these guys out there laying down the law just like the mob still does in NYC.

    Why does Kansas remain an Adidas school? Come on, it can’t be because they save a few bucks on shoes.

    Found this tidbit on WWW’s Wiki page:

    "Wesley was also very visible in the months leading up to LeBron James’ defection from agent Aaron Goodwin. Goodwin, who signed James out of high school, had helped him earn a lucrative contract with Nike. James signed with Rose during the summer of 2005.

    John Calipari has been quoted as saying, “Wes is a goodwill ambassador to our program.” After Kentucky claimed the title over Kansas, Kentucky Wildcats star Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist climbed into the stands and shared a celebratory hug with Wesley, who was sitting in the Kentucky family section inside the Superdome.”

    There is no way WWW can put up a fight with Nike. He has to have some protection.

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