KC's HOME RUN KING Lives ON & Well...

  • @brooksmd @RedRooster Who’s the best left field hitter from Nebraska to ever play in KC ? This one’s for you guys-if you’re like I was as a kid, Bob Cerv was a slammer like everyone wanted to become. He roomed with Mantle & Maris, was a Navy vet of WW 11, & played with some of the best hitters ever-Mays, Killebrew, DiMaggio. One year he even was the AL All Star starter over Ted Williams. What a guy !! Gordo is a defensive star for sure but this Husker was simply da man at the plate for KC when he roamed the outfield of old Municipal Stadium. I can almost see Harvey the Rabbit’s neon eyes lighting up & smiling when he handed the home plate ump a new ball after Bob crushed one over the 410 mark, Those were the days men, those were magical times to be a kid & love baseball…


  • @globaljaybird Bob Cerv, now there’s a name I forgot. Although back in those days I was just a Navy brat tagging along where ever my dad went. Except on sea duty of course. Didn’t follow the old A’s too closely cause they were nothing more than a major league farm team for the Yanks.

    I’ll be back. Just home from church, ate lunch and now washing towels. Also have a kennel to clean that the old dachshund made a mess in last nite.


  • Well got sidetracked as the Royals are playing Royals ball at the plate. Single and run’em to death. 3-0. Oops, make that 4-0 as Infante doubles sharply down 3rd base line. Runners 2nd and 3rd, still no outs.

  • @brooksmd Now 6-0 !!

  • @brooksmd My first fielders mitt that was my own was a Mizuno big brother bought me in Tokyo when stationed there. Two of his Navy brats kids were born there & he was more like my Dad than my bro. cause Dad passed when I was really small. Gene dragged me, his big brat (LOL) to Senators games at old DC Stadium when he was stationed there also. It was called RFK before they demolished it, but was one of the first stadiums in the USA to be built with no columns to impair sight. aka: Frank Lloyd Wright’s cantilever construction. It was damn KOOL to a snot nosed teenager from Kansas.

  • @globaljaybird I still remember my first glove was a Hank Greenberg model. Took me years to find out who the hell he was. Course all we had was dictionaries and encyclopedia’s to look up info.

  • @brooksmd Internet generation thinks we lived in the stone age but it took a lot more effort to become educated & successful at life in general. There are some things I’d change but growing up when we did wasn’t all that archaic.

  • @globaljaybird I certainly wouldn’t change it for nothing. My best memories of summer vacation were me and my friend Pat Long playing wiffle ball until the Cubs games came on and the afternoon sun became unbearable. Course being inside only meant you were in shade as there wasn’t any A/C. The number of wiffle balls we went through in a summer was outrageous. Of course wooden broom handles, usually procured from neighbors back porches, didn’t do much for the life span of the balls.

  • @brooksmd My boys are now 35 &40 but when the oldest was 2 I bought him a wiffle ball pitching machine, called the Reggie Jackson Batting Trainer. It was really cool at the time & lasted many, many years. As the second one came along they figured out they could hit the ball much further if they filled the bat with water, one evening in the front yard, the oldest lost the bat grip on his swing & the bat full of water sailed smack right through the living room window. Mom & I were not pleased, but as years went by I realized if that was the worst thing they’d ever done, I should’ve been thankful.

  • @globaljaybird lol I can just picture you sitting in the lr drinking some CB and that bat came thru the window. Those hollow plastic bats didn’t last long which is why we went to broom or mop handles.

  • @brooksmd I remember watching Reggie, Vida Blue, & Catfish Hunter all play at old Municipal when the A’s were still here in KC before the butthead Charley Finley took his jackass mascot “Charley O” & sideshow to Oakland. Watched ROY Lou Pinella play for the Royals in old Municipal before he was traded to the Bombers in 1970,

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