Nov 26 Headlines: Landen Lucas on Minutes / Self on Defense

  • Lucas

    ####KU Sports: Landen Lucas battling for minutes####

    Kansas University’s basketball big men — Tarik Black, Perry Ellis, Joel Embiid, Landen Lucas, Hunter Mickelson, Jamari Traylor and Justin Wesley — engage in some spirited battles at practice…

    ####CJOnline: Self searching for defensive identity####

    LAWRENCE — With a new lineup and new hand-checking rules, Bill Self believes his team’s defense is still in the process of figuring out what it does best…

    ####KUAthletics: Preview of KU vs. Wake Forest####

    Battle 4 Atlantis Continues No. 2/2 Kansas (4-0) continues its participation in the Battle 4 Atlantis when it faces Wake Forest (5-0) Thanksgiving Day at 2:30 p.m. (Central) at Imperial Arena in Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas…

  • FYI I have Directv and game Thursday is on channel 340. Heard Dish is 167.

  • @voygr1 : That’s correct on Dish channel. AXS is 167.

  • Arrrgh! (banghead) :s :x

    TV LISTINGS — KU’s 2:30 p.m. game Thursday against Wake Forest will be televised on AXS TV. According to its website, the station is only available to AT&T U-verse subscribers in Topeka.

    If KU wins against Wake Forest, its next two games on Friday and Saturday will be televised on NBC Sports Network, which is available on Cox and AT&T U-verse in Topeka.

    No game for me this week?! I’m not going to say anything to get my post deleted. 😞

  • I really like LL. Honestly, some of it is because my fav nephew & niece were both born in Tokyo, spending many years traveling all over the world learning how to become successful, professional, and versatile adults. Fully self assured, poised, polite, intelligent, patient; all of the attributes you want & need in a young man, especially in your program. Though his PT has been minimum so far, my hope is that his performance speaks for itself & he becomes a valuable asset sooner rather than later. If he might be allowed to gather more crucial, game time minutes, instead of mop-up clock time, we could better estimate his potential in comparison to his peers. Recall how Cole handed Tyler H his rear end in the Nat semi game in 08’? These things do happen sometimes. But I’m thrilled to have a guy that is willing to bide his time to contribute & play his butt off in practice when the cameras & bright lights are off, yet can clearly see the bigger picture & importance & value of a double major in his crusade. I firmly anticipate he is here for the long haul regardless of court time specifically for those reasons, & even reminds me of a Chris Piper/Christian Moody type player, clever, collected, & crafty when his moment finally arrives. I know Moody was a walk on, but it’s so refreshing to see a guy with the tools to play now for so many different schools, yet clearly possesses the perception beyond the obvious. Guys like this evolve into dependable, integral components of deep tournament runs that have been Bill’s agenda since he’s been in Lawrence. I’ve no doubt Landon will respond & execute his potential regardless of what others consider his ceiling-he has the size, capacity, & proficiency to be one of KU’s finest in the Self era, on and off the court.

  • I though that maybe ESPN3 would have the game and it would not be blacked out…well, the game is not blacked out but it is not available either.

    Hopefully there will be a Internet live feed that I can watch.

    Amazing but in previous years with no “contract” I was able to watch every KU BBall game, and now with the “new and improved” contract, I cannot. One little step forward 10 gigantic steps backward for Jayhawk-kind

  • I like everything about Landen Lucas. Cannot say one bad thing about him. Great kid, great family, smart – everything @globaljaybird said. Could be a great developmental story.

    I just can’t get over that Rivals ranking; you know, the one that doesn’t exist. Let’s hope he proves to be that hard-working exception. We can all root for that.

  • Global and HEM - A+

    JayHawkFanToo - The game on Thursday being hidden from the western world is a Thanksgiving gift from Mark Cuban… and his attempt to muscle his AXS channel into the market by outbidding NBCSports for game 1. I’m sending him a Xmas card this year, along with the Michael Jackson estate (for rat-holing the Beatles from public radio for all those years). It’s an interesting Xmas card… with Santa using a chainsaw. Fortunately, his suit is already red.

    This is a perfect example of how the media market works today…

  • Wtf is AXS TV?

  • @KirkisMyHinrich - I think we should AXS why it’s not on ESPN, CBS OR ABC.

  • And then AXS them if they give us an unsatisfactory response.

  • Put my name on that card!

  • We continue to move along the pay per view spectrum…and not in the direction we would like. The last 2 years I have sucked it up and paid for the Full Ct. Pkg so I can see the Jayhawk TV and ESPN3 games (as an out of stater). I don’t yet know if I get Axis or not…probably not. As for Lucas…he seems like a developmental guy to me. Role player and maybe starter or 1st off the bench by the time he is a Senior. Hopefully, better than that… we shall see.

  • Really liked Lucas’ interview, seems like he is a great personality to have on the team. Can’t help but wonder if he’ll see playing time during his career if Self continues to recruit more OAD’s while we have Perry and Jamari in front of him already. I think Lucas would have found playing time if he had been around for 5 years during Self’s tenure between 2004-2011 but I think we’re getting more competitive at each spot. Perry will be around for a few more years as will Jamari who is only getting better as well. We also have Cliff coming in next year so Lucas may still be 5th on the depth chart. Assuming we don’t drop off in recruiting, it may be the year Jamari and Perry graduate that Lucas has his best shot at moving up the depth chart.

    He does have 3 more years to get better, and if he can earn playing time he’ll be a fan favorite on the court!

  • Hey… Landen gave some positive minutes in the loss to Villanova.

    I’m glad to see him earn some real game minutes… and I hope he continues to pick up a few quality minutes. It will do him good to earn the experience and will help drive him to improve more so he’ll earn even more of those minutes!

    Rock Chalk, Landen Lucas!

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