Billy Clyde Gillespie - Recovery- Head Coach Ranger (JuCo) College, Texas.

  • Head coach TA&M, Head coach Kentucky, and a grateful member of AA. I believe that Bill’s best friend and former Asst. Coach will be back at a D1 if he wants or stay at the Juco if he wants, whatever keeps him alive. Godspeed Billy Clyde.


  • Larry Eustachy has proven to so many that a person can maintain Sobriety and become even better at what they love as a career.



  • I wish nothing but the best for Billy Clyde. He’s had a really bad case of life happening. I hope he finds a true recovery from all that life has dealt him. He’s truly one of the greats that experienced some really bad misfortune and it started when he left TAM. I think it was UK giving him the boot that started his downward slide. It’s a very sad case for a really great coach.

  • “One of Gillispie’s successes in coaching the Aggies was that he had a way of recruiting Texas-based players like few others before or after him. They shared common backgrounds and experiences that are special to this state, in the minds of many who play for state universities where college school pride and loyalty for many begins in elementary schools.”

    Here is our new assistant coach to recruit kids from Texas. Actually… he’s just a solid recruiter about anywhere in the country. Come on, Bill… get Zenger to cut loose enough money to bring your old friend to Lawrence!

  • Old news; the article is over a month old. Billy Clyde is a very talented coach but has huge obstacle to overcome and it will be years before any major program considers him; he is still pretty radioactive.

  • @wrwlumpy Nice thread lump-all Gods children deserve 2nd & sometimes 3rd chances. Recovery is a daily endeavor for those who understand & care; it never ends. Fight the demons daily & you win the battle…the war never ceases

  • Banned


    I don’t know about that? We live a new era in college sports. With the Big 10, ACC, SEC, Big 12 and the Pac breaking off into the Power five. It’s not about the college experience anymore. It’s all about money, endorsements, and tv contracts. It’s win at all cost or fear being left behind. Gillespie maybe very toxic but the rules have changed, and we all know Gillespie can coach.

  • @DoubleDD He cant be any more toxic than Isaiah Thomas who just got hired as a WNBA exec! Yep, if a person is willing to take the punishment and endure through it to become a better person then another chance is a good thing for Coach Gillespie

  • @DoubleDD

    I still believe that he will have to do some time in “purgatory,” like Eustachy did, before he can get back to coaching at a major college program. The NBA has more tolerance than college does so I can see him landing there before college.

    I cannot imagine why anyone hires Isaiah Thomas, he has been a disaster as a coach and as an executive everywhere he has coached or managed…

  • I saw Billy Gillispie at the BillSelf fantasy camp last month and talked with him, he was a funny jokester, all smiles. I was happy for him.

    But maybe his recruiting acumen is gone(??) because he was trying to draft me for his camp squad team…or so he told me, lol! (all I can say is I wish I’d gotten a chance to play for his team, as I ended up on a 3-biz-guys-from-carolina driven-team that was zero fun.)

    I wish Gillispie the best. I still think he’d be a FAR better asst coach + recruiter than “Snacks”. Yes, BillyClyde>>>>Jerrance any day…

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