Calipari Becomes The New Head Coach Of The Las Vegas Dealers

  • There is a California group that wants OAD high school players to sign on the dotted line with them for their one year of prep ball before turning pro. Look at the benefits. They rake in $700,000, and can sign shoe deals for big time cash. It makes total sense for kids that just want to ball and not go to class. It makes total sense for kids that come from tragic financial situations looking to provide a quicker income stream to their families. It makes total sense for kids that fear the possibility of an early injury knocking out their chances of every earning a buck playing ball.

    This Las Vegas Team Might Offer Top Basketball Prospects An Alternative To The NCAA

    I know some of you fear that a team like Kansas could be hurt by a situation like this working. I beg to differ.

    We should all hope a team model like the one set out by the Las Vegas Dealers takes off and soon all the top tier, OAD-type talent takes their one year to Vegas (or other teams like them). This would be the perfect scenario for Kansas and for college basketball. This could help return college basketball back to being owned by the 4-year players!

    Imagine what this would do to a coach like Calipari? No more huge talent stakes to overwhelm the field anymore. He’d had to COACH his way to victory instead of BABYSIT a bunch of OADs. Same can be said for Coach K. Suddenly, Self would get to go head-to-head with these guys and prove who is the better coach.

    Bring it on… Las Vegas Dealers… bring it on!


    (oops… that is the Las Vegas Dealers Hockey Team logo… but you get the idea…)

    Okay… here it is:


    Wow… I can see Calipari coaching this team, can’t you?! Was it really necessary to trademark this horrible logo? They used a King? Why not an Ace? Low team esteem, maybe?

  • Hooker hockey?

  • @JayhawkRock78

    Didn’t even think of that angle. Imagine having recruits on a visit and taking them to a brothel? Pay the girls an extra $100 to get them to sign on the dotted line while shacked up. Yeah… I can see Calipari coaching here…

  • @drgnslayr

    Their logo seems to have the hand subtly giving the NBA and college…the finger 🙂

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