• Many Americans grumble about how slow the pump price of gasoline falls, when the price of a barrel of oil falls sharply and fairly quickly, as it has since the Saudi’s got down and dirty with both Putin’s Russian Oilcos, and western energy companies trying to extract and refine tar sands and oil shale in North America with fracked coal gas in order to export it to help with our balance of payments and prepare for an oil shut off in the Middle East, because of our peripatetic regime change wars there.

    But compared to basketball petroshoes and basketball petroapparel, pump gas prices seem positively elastic!!!

    Have Nike-Jordan, or Nike-Nike, or adidas, or Under Armour announced any significant price cuts at the retail shelf on their shoes, shirts, shorts, etc.? I haven’t noticed any.

    I mean there appears to be the usual bloated pricing at first followed by the “sales” that have become de rigeur in retail products the last 10-20 years.

    But has anyone actually seen a significant fall off in the initial retail price of basketball shoes?

    And don’t lets do the old saw that most of the price of the shoe is in R&D and manufacturing and so on, because the PetroShoeCos reputedly have contracts with outfits in Indonesia and China to produce these “limousines for the feet” (remember that one?) with peonage labor rates depressed by slave labor supply keeping wages down, no bennies, minor environmental regs, record cheap borrowed money, microscopic container shipping rates, and R&D and marketing costs spread out over out over tens of millions of units world wide, and now rock bottom oil prices recently.

    C’mon, PetroShoecos, cut us knuckle draggers some slack. Our real wages are going down still. How about cutting the prices on some shoes and jerseys?

    Rock Chalk!!!

  • Oligopoly pricing?

  • @jaybate-1.0 I think you meant “OILGOPOLY Pricing” !!!

  • This is a frightening idea…

    But… are ShoeCos main customers gang bangers? If so, then the sell of street drugs volume and prices will determine if gang lords have the money to fit all their homies in proper foot attire.

    Maybe the prices of shoes will drop as more states decriminalize marijuana.

    Just a thought.

  • I’m at the Oil Technology Conference in Houston this week. (100,000 attend)-even with Oil from 45-56 USD in 2015.

    My short answers is bBall shoe prices are based on the entertainment market just like tickets to events-even tickets to movie theaters, etc. etc.

    this is the USA in 2015. Rock Stars are bigger than Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Koch boys, etc. Our culture values celebrity more than the old work ethic and worthy innovation.

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