How Can Anyone Become A Jayhawk Fan?

  • kansas-jayhawks-vs-missouri-tigers-7.jpg afasdfas.jpg kansas-jayhawks-guard-travis-releford-dunks-against-the-kansas-state-wildcats-during-the-jayhawks-win-in-the-championship-game-of-the-ncaa-mens-big-12-basketball-tournament-at-the-sprint-center-in-kansas-city-missouri-.jpg KUvsWVU sp 030315 rs 0688f.jpg Rio+Adams+Kansas+Jayhawks+v+Iowa+State+Cyclones+JPQAVB1CtRUl.jpg kuair.jpg 7096902.jpg kansas_celebrate_lecka.jpg espn_yir_46.jpg

    Something to pass the time!

  • @drgnslayr oh the wt on that young mans shoulders! TRob!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Verne Lundquist: “Takes it all the way… blocked… tipped… OVERTIME!"

    TRob blocked an MU shot attempt to force OT.

    How loud (decibels) was AFH after?


  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I can hardly look at that photo without shedding tears. I doubt there has ever been a fan based so pleased with a runner up finish than with this Kansas team, considering the challenges we faced that year. I’m every bit as proud of these guys as any of our championship teams.

  • @RockChalkinTexas I was there!

  • @drgnslayr 😭❤🏀💙trob

  • @drgnslayr

    Tyshawn, TRob, KY, what a three some.

    I only wish Jeff and Travis had been in the pic, too.

    It was one of the great “teams” ever.

    I loved that team more than any other non-champion EVER.

    Still do.

    They are the only non champion team that I hold on the same pedestal as champions.

    They were the greatest “team” that didn’t win IMHO.

    I so look forward to the day when they come back to the field house to be honored.




  • @jaybate-1.0 you forgot EJ! I love those guys too, to bad Ben couldn’t play.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Hell, I forgot Conner, too.

    Those PLAYERS were just awesome together.


  • @jaybate-1.0 My favorite non-champion was the 1957 team. Lost 3 games that year by a total of 5 points. Losses to Iowa State (when Wilt sat out with the flu), Oklahoma State, and North Carolina in the best championship game ever. Second favorite was 1966 when we lost to Texas Western in the regional.

  • @drgnslayr Love it man! Been a die hard fan since '88. Wont ever quit either.

  • @Wigs2

    I would have put the '57 team Number 1, also, but I was just too damn young to really experience that season with the team. My older brother loved that team as much as you apparently do, so I can understand your passion for them. But I was talking about love and experience, and I just wasn’t old enough to take it in. Any team with Wilt Chamberlain has to be counted as the best non champ I didn’t get to see!!! Rock Chalk!!!

  • @RockChalkinTexas

    Thank you sooooooooo much for those pics. Makes my heart big as Texas!!!

    One of the things I remember so much about that team was a moment around mind season, when Tyshawn and TRob, who appeared VERY close as teammates, finally seemed to decide to let Jeff Withey into their inner circle. It was one of the most beautiful moments in college basketball that I can recall. Withey had been very soft for several years. He had been very slow to come a long and there was a lot of doubt going into the season that he would be able to hold up his end of the bargain as a starter. Sure he could have a block party, but would he be tough enough? Would he have someone’s back, when the going got tough and the blue meanies were preying on Tyshawn and TRob. The first third to half of a season it was not clear that Tyshawn and TRob were going to have Jeff’s back, or that he was going to be strong enough and tough enough to have theirs. But then Withey showed he had the right stuff in some very tough physical games and it was like there was a moment there where the big three came together and they all agreed to be brothers through the story. KY was always accepted, even though he was kind of an outside come recently aboard, because he just played so damned hard ALL THE TIME. The question was Jeff. It was obvious Jeff had exactly what the team needed in terms of pieces of a puzzle. But it was not clear that Tyshawn and Thomas could ever get beyond it being THEIR team, and letting it finally be all of their team. It was one of the most beautiful transitions to “team” and it carried them to the national finals. It was the quintessence of “team”.

    I will always believe that Self loved that team more than any other and that it reached farther beyond his expectations than any other he has had at KU.

    That team routinely did amazing things that seemed beyond its capabilities.

    Self put it well. It didn’t really lose that National Final. It just ran out of time.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Damn, we missed a golden opportunity. Maybe you mentioned it before and my feeble mind forgot, but me and @wissoxfan83 were there too.

  • @brooksmd I was talking the mizzo game. My avatar is TRob in the tunnel in no

  • @jaybate-1.0 I was just a kid, but that’s probably the reason I liked that team so much. I remember that I bought a scorebook and kept score of the games that year while I listened on the radio. I remember when they lost I to Iowa State, I was so upset I threw the book across the room.

    There wasn’t anything better than listening to Max Falkenstein broadcast Kansas basketball. As a kid, I always thought he was saying Max Falken’s team. I haven’t heard anything about him for awhile. I wonder how he’s doing.

  • @Wigs2 they honored him at the Texas game, they were celebrating 60 years. They showed him and I think they said he was 90. Pretty sure he said happiest times were winning it all.

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