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    I’m kind of wandering if KU is at the dawn of a new horizon, a beginning if you will. I’m not sure how to express what I want to say but I will try my best.

    It seems to me KU is becoming a save haven for up and coming international players? Now I haven’t really done any research on the topic. So I’m kind of shooting from the hip here. However KU has recruited Embiid, Svi, and now Diallo in what the last three years? All big time talents, how be it from other countries.

    What is going on? What is the deal? Is KU just backing into these players? Are these players targeting KU? I’m not really sure what question to ask? Are foreign players watching KU games in huts? I don’t know? Is Adidas steering these kids towards KU? Is the Nike brand forcing KU an Adidas school to look for players born overseas?

    I wish I had an opinion, but I don’t. I’m perplexed. Will this become the norm? KU recruiting a foreign born player? I’m all ears if anybody has answers. Am I over thinking this? or am I right on the money? Please do tell.

  • @DoubleDD don’t forget Wigs!

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    Yep you’re right. I forgot Wigs is from Canada.

  • @DoubleDD Let me take a shot. Unlike Cal who encourages self-boasting & self-promotion that is the attitude of today’s culture (I am a superstar & aint gonna bust my butt to earn a spot) doesn’t seem to be so for foreign kids. Think they are more hungry & willing to bust their butts for a chance - perhaps because they haven’t been tainted by the Nike industrial complex with parasites blowing smoke up their butts? Foreign kids want to learn & improve (Embid, Svi…), and not afraid of competition. They’ve also seen Self delivers - Embid, Wigs. Plus these players seem so far humble, not chest thumbing thugs. Ellis, Selden, Mason & all are not arrogant or self-boasting kids like UK. Also think the Midwestern culture is quite attractive too - makes them feel at home, far away from home.

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    Aw dude or dude it love your comment. Maybe KU’s humble hard work approach to the game fits in their paradox, their familiarity. Making KU a logical place for them. Like being home away from home?

  • Is adidas a more popular brand over seas because of Soccer? I don’t pay attention to shoes too much, but it seems like it’s very popular over seas.

  • Good thread.

    Let’s see:

    1. Kansas is Adidas

    2. Kansas only recently successfully recruited the top shelf

    3. Kansas still has to fight super hard to land American OADs

    4. Self experienced San Antonio 2 years ago and was completely impressed with Coach Popovich and his team full of foreigners

    5. There is a growing number of International players coming up through the system who want to play American college ball

    6. Self is realizing what @HawksWin is talking about. Better attitudes, good work ethics, and many come here with advanced skills

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    I’m on board for Souvlaki!

  • @DoubleDD Huh, Good points and good questions. You’re right, 3 in a row… plus Wigs!

  • I’ve noticed that too. It’s a bit of a compliment to Self. I never thought much about it because I thought it was a recruiting coincidence. But, now that you mention it, it does seem interesting that Self recruits these recruits. Most of them are atypical American recruits. They are all untainted by the crooked machine of America. Unfortunately, many of these American reared recruits that Self has missed over the last few years are all bitten by some kind of negative recruiting bug.

    These overseas kids are all fairly untainted and not taken in by the hype. They are great kids and do what is right. They all seem to follow sound advice and direction. So, I think it’s great that Self is basically 100% on these “overseas” recruits back to Kaun. I can’t think of anyone as far back as Kaun. You’re right Self needs to keep tappin’ and even develop every pipeline he can to overseas recruits. I’m not saying he’s the only coach, but he seems to have a great coaching personality or work ethic. These kids overseas are not afraid to WORK and EARN playing time.

  • A full 25% of NBA players are now foreigners, many of them coming up through American colleges. There is also a growing number of quality foreign players playing HS stateside so it is not unexpected for some of these players to end up at KU. Look at a lot of the California schools and you will see they are loaded with foreigners. Programs like Gonzaga, Saint Mary’s, Santa Clara to name a few, have depended on foreign players for a longtime.

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