ACC owns the NCAA

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    First UNC

    All that cheating? All that evidence? All this time? And not one word from the NCAA, not one word.

    Second FSU

    So a Football player can get hook ups. What other hookups did he have? Clothing stores? Electronic stores? Jewelry stores? Car dealerships? Either way not word out of the NCAA. Not one word.

    Yet for some reason they threw the book at Syracuse? Maybe because they ain’t one of the old tried and respected ACC schools?

  • @DoubleDD
    Hmmm, DD, how about a conference call with jb to connect the dots with shoecos to NCAA, ACC & FSU because it does smell fishy.

  • @DoubleDD It’s pathetic. Somebody in the tournament committee really likes Dook, and has for years.

  • Throw in The Canes and the pathetic “timeout” they were given for the Nevin scandal and yes the NCAA pathetic.

  • They are smart…they hire better attorneys. KU on the other hand, thought that the in-house counsel was good enough in 1988 and instead of getting a hand slap they were handed a one year suspension, and was unable to defend the title in 1989 and broke the streak of appearances…which is back to being the longest…

  • This ACC-bias is about big money, old money, marketing to the largest number of TV sets. Think about Duke, and what that school represents and where the vast majority of its student body come from. Probably the anti-Duke is people like Tom Izzo and Bill Self, who have to labor hard the traditional way.

    I got a direct reminder during the billselfexperience about this East coast, old-money, biz-dollars stuff–and it did not sit well with me. Especially since I’m there in Lawrence, a KU alum, WmsFund guy, resident of KS…yet felt like an ‘outsider’, how odd was that! But I get that it was about raising money for Self’s Foundation, that’s fine. But when you mention money, and see who all shows up, the truth is exposed…and its the same old lessons we became aware of in our early to mid-20s.

    Duke represents a certain type of legacy as well, different from KU. I may respect Coach K, but make no mistake, beating Duke is one of KU’s ever-present missions. Once K retires, maybe they get Brad Stevens, or someone like him to continue ‘their’ legacy. It’s like electing a President who will “caretake” and maintain the System, and do his part to maintain the status quo. Maybe even a better analogy is like the money manager or investment portfolio manager.

  • Let’s face it, if this UNC scandal happened in Lawrence you would see more hung Jayhawks than Quantrill could ever imagine doing himself.

    The NCAA said Kansas was “on the border” of receiving the death penalty after our coaches gave recruit Askew a few hundred bucks (loan) for a plane ticket to get home to his sick grandmother. He didn’t even attend Kansas. But hey, Kansas won a NC and we were encroaching on the sacred ground of the ACC and other blue bloods.

    Ever since Kansas built a model compliance program the NCAA has had to find other ways to hold us down, like by killing two birds with one stone and putting an underrated Shocker team in our bracket. When will we get the easy Duke path?

  • @drgnslayr

    Actually, only Coach Brown gave money to Askew to go see his dying his grandmother and it was not considered a big violation. KU was arrogant/stupid enough to think that in-house counsel could handle the issue instead or hiring a law firm that specialized in this type of work like most other programs did, and naturally they failed miserably. Had they hired outside counsel, KU would have gotten a slap in the wrist; the violation was so minor and stupid that the NCAA itself established a program to help student in that particular situation.

    I heard this version fist hand from a couple of individuals that were involved in the process including one of the attorneys so I am very confident is correct… This type of situation is not unique to colleges or sports, and in the real world, many corporations do the same thing only to end up calling consultants to save the day. I should know, I am one of those consultants.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Yes… I remember. And it was arrogant that we thought we could handle it in such a simple way. I believe this was the straw that broke the camel’s back and made us actually invest in a proper in-house compliance program.

    The part that irks me is the NCAA saying we were on the fence for the death penalty. That was ridiculous. Compare our violation with SMU football… a program that was so filthy the violations couldn’t even be bound in a set, you needed to start a library to list it all.

  • All I can say, is the bias is real. As for Duke’s easy path, agree a bit there also, although Duke has had killerB-type 1st round exits TWICE in the past 5 yrs. Now it would sound too conspiracy to suggest those are by design also…

    The other thing to add, though, is that the MorrisHawks, overall 1seed, blew their easy-path by dropping a game to 9seed VCU. Call it mis-seeding, call it parity, call it a Cinderella run by VCU, but the egg is on the 1 seed’s face–> and that is nothing but a solemn, bitter reminder about how limited true Final 4 opportunities can be.

    The 2008 Champs, simply must be commended for being the 4th 1seed, getting by Davidson to make the all-1seed-Final4, then plowing thru overall 1seed UNC/Tyler Hansdouche…to get their shot at CalipariCircus v1.0 d.rose.edition. Epic tale of perseverance, heart, skill, athleticism, and execution. Making the most of your opportunities.

  • @drgnslayr

    “The NCAA is so mad at Kentucky, it’s going to give Cleveland State two more years’ probation.” - Jerry Tarkanian

    The NCAA must have been really pissed with one of the East Coast blue bloods that gave Mid-West KU a penalty way beyond what it should have been. Now, KU is big enough and has enough money, smarts and clout that it is unlike that it will happen again.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Just listening to comments from the NCAA these days and you can’t even connect them to the old NCAA. They’ve taken some recent hard knocks in the court room, in public opinion polls, and are now viewed as somewhat vulnerable (compared to just a few years ago when they ran a completely fascist power system). They still have a long ways to go and there is still the chance that something better comes along and starts shifting the power over to a fairer system.

    Let’s not forget the federal government’s role in all of this. I believe the NCAA’s leash has been tightened considerably over recent years. It wouldn’t surprise me if they have had “behind closed doors” meetings with the justice department involving secretive negotiations.

    Okay… I’m not surprised and the DOJ and NCAA have been holding hands quietly for quite some time. Here’s just a few snippets showing who wears the pants in this relationship:

    Feds to NCAA: Why no playoffs?

    NCAA, Justice Department letter excerpts unsealed in scholarship case

    NCAA Settles With Justice Department

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    The NCCA is a plan, a thought that has out lived it’s usefulness. It is nothing more than an ancient relic that belongs in a museum somewhere. Merely to remind persons and fans what once was.

    The NCCA has been neutered, when it gave the Power Five autonomy. They only reason they still exist is the Power 5 are using them as a buffer against potential law suits from other lesser conferences.

    You watch Louisville’s near death ban will be lifted and changed to nothing more than a year ban. See Pen state? The NCAA has no teeth no real power.

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