Chris Walker and others

  • Chris Walker PF/C from Florida leaving the program. I wonder if he goes pro (disaster) or transfers…

    KU was in on him pretty good before he went to UF, was a top 10 kid 2 years ago. Obviously had his issues, heard locker room issues and what not. Think Self may take interest in him and get him to mature? Probably 3 hours from now he’ll declare…just seems like that kind of player to make the worst decision ever.

    The Eric Paschall kid from Fordham is going to Villanova. Confirming how little interest he really had in us and how far fetched reports get.

    I see we have gone to visit Mack, Izundu, & Ty Outlaw a Juco player. Self keeps swinging his net farther and farther instead of casting it in the fall. Tell me why we didn’t lock up Tyler Davis again??

    Damion Lee the scoring machine off to Louisville. Not shocking that the rich get richer.

    KU also interested in Anton Grady, transfer from Cleveland St. 6’8 junior who scored 14pts & 7.9rbs a game. Keep swinging guys

  • I would love to add Walker and I hope KU reaches out to him. He certainly hasn’t fared as well as I’m sure he would have liked to at UF, but he basically has no prospects in the pros at this point, but he still has every bit the potential he had from when we were recruiting him, and KU was his second choice. He is an academic risk, but given KU and Self’s commitment to keeping players not only eligible, but on top of a perfect APR, if there’s a school that could sort things out for him, it’s KU.

    As for Tyler Davis, the he’s a case of the negative recruiting aspect that HEM talked about the other day. Davis was sweet on KU, but on his ATM trip, they pointed out all of the guys ahead of him that KU was recruiting and said that he’d probably never see the floor because KU will always be going after the next big thing. It worked and he committed on his visit there, never making it to Late Night.

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