Final KU players in the NBA stats.

  • Points/Rebounds/Assists

    Cole Aldrich NY 5.5 5.5 1.2 Came on strong at end of season including a 24 and 15 effort in last game of season.

    TRob 5.7 5.6 .6 Since trade to Philly his averages were nearer to a double double, about 9 and 8.

    Pierce 11.9 4.7 2.0 Still playing in playoffs. We’ll be proud some day when he enters the Hall.

    Gooden 5.4 4.4 1.0 A real enigma. Still in playoffs with Paul

    Kirk 5.7 1.8 2.2 Hurt but still in playoffs, should play if they move on. In twilight of career it appears.

    Withey 2.6 1.7 .5 blocks. Had some productive games when Davis was hurt, but jury is out on whether he has staying power in the league.

    Mario 10.2 2.4 3.8 Career hi in pts, lower assists. Arrival of Dragic cut his minutes.

    BRush Averages under 1.0 Barely played on very good Warriors team. Was a great reserve before serious knee injury a few years back.

    Darrell 6.6 2.9 1.0 Solid reserve for Nuggets.

    Wiggins 16.9 4.6 2.1 Exciting player who improved greatly on an obviously bad team. Only 2 single digit games since Christmas. Future star it appears.

    BMac 12.7 2.9 1.7 Improving. My favorite Jayhawk of recent years.

    Tarik 6.0 5.9 .7 Trade to lakers helped him to blossom. Surprised me to be honest.

    Markieff 15.3 6.2 2.3 Hopefully arrest doesn’t derail his career. His best season so far.

    Marcus 10.4 4.8 1.6 Hopefully arrest doesn’t derail his career. His best season so far. It’s like these guys are twins.

    Collison 4.4 3.8 1.1 Does a lot of little things that don’t show up in box scores, but is a valuable sub. There you go @approxinfinity. Thanks for pointing that out. I always check his box scores, surprised I forgot it here.

    I think I have it covered. Probably Bill Self’s best year of players in the pros since he’s been here.

  • @wissoxfan83 forgot collison. look at that lengthy list! good stuff.

  • @wissoxfan83

    Forgot Embiid too. I understand he did not play but he is drawing a huge salary from the Sixers. 16 KU players in the League.

  • I know you’ve put in a lot of work to compile these stats and comment on them, and I appreciate that - I just wish that MOST of them had stuck around so I could oooh and ahhh over their final Jayhawk stats!!

  • @nuleafjhawk If you could look at that list and say I wish so and so had stuck around, who on there would it be the most for you?

    For me, just because I think we would have had one of college basketball’s all time great teams in 03 if he had stuck was Drew Gooden. He plays more that year, Simien maybe less as a young’un, doesn’t get hurt, wow, we might have run the table that year!

  • @wissoxfan83 Nice!

  • @wissoxfan83 That’s tough, because I wish they would ALL stay, but from your above list, I think B-MAC would be the one I wanted to return the most. He was REALLY coming on strong at the end of his last year and the next year we would have had an experienced BMAC, along with Wiggins, Ellis, Tharpe, Traylor, Embiid, Black, Greene, Selden and Mason. I think even I could coach a lineup like that deep into the tournament.

  • @nuleafjhawk BMac didn’t want to leave, he had to! Can’t blame him, plus he’s giving back to several communities, and taking classes. He has a place in Lawrence too.

  • I saw a special on BMAC last year that showed he moved somewhere close to 20 family members out to Sacramento and takes care of all of them. I would have loved for him to stay as well, but I do like hearing how he has such a big heart for his community and family and he is one early entry that I understood and he showed us why he choose to leave. Glad he is putting his millions to use and not wasting it like so many others do.

  • I’m proud of all these guys!

  • @Jayrawks1 That sounds like a lot of people to support. I hope he’s got some handlers who are advising him on how not to become another bankrupt NBA player. I saw something on Antoine Walker recently on how he blew 80 million bucks, and a lot of it was due to supporting other family members.

  • @wissoxfan83

    True… and when you gift over any money to an individual or family it tends to just create an enabling connection that doesn’t stop after the first donation. Every dollar just builds a thicker connection line for more money in the future.

    Being charitable is a great attribute, if done wisely. If done improperly, it throws hard-earned money away that ends up enabling people to make the same mistakes that got them there or even increase their mistakes to the point of being deadly. For example, many drug addicts… if you want to kill them, give them $10,000 and they’ll buy enough drugs to kill themselves. A frequent event is for a parent of a drug addict to die and leave them some money, which seals their doom.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    I would have liked to see BMac play in the 2011-2012 team that went to he finals; with him KU probably has another Championship…

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