Move over Shoecos!

  • Move over Shoecos!

    Why are shoes the status symbol accessory in basketball? Who wants to pay a few hundred dollars for something that lives on the dirty ground? Where dogs go poo-poo? And what shoes smell good after the first time a player gets a good sweaty run in them?

    Let’s face it… shoes stink! How dumb is it to spend a fortune collecting them for your closet? Your bed is how many feet away from your stinky closet?

    And hey guys… trying to compete with women on shoes is just asking for trouble! Let’s face the facts, they look a heck of a lot better in their shoes than we do in ours!

    So… move over Shoecos… you have competition in the world of basketball accessories.

    Think hard about recent street trends. This is where fashion comes from. We might all dread this look but consider it just the spark to light the fire:


    Okay. Stop laughing or puking and get serious with me. I know the first thing to enter your mind… “how are players going to run down court with their draws hangin’?” That’s easy to answer… specially-designed pants that have an expanded inseam that gives the appearance of a deep sag while players maintain a full range of motion.

    Next question: “Why would guys want to show their ugly underwear or jockstraps?” That won’t… until the design world starts filling the demand for high-design buzzwear.

    Yes… it is time to bring the thong into men’s basketball:


    Borat is leading the charge and look how popular he has become:


    Imagine the creativity possible:

    vendor BOB THONG face.jpg

    Celebrities have long embraced the sag:


    Imagine how much money can be made off of this billboard:


    Soccer has already jumped on board. Do we really want to fall behind soccer? :


    Let’s face it, the time has come to honor the guardian garment of our family jewels. The marketing potential is off the charts and at least you can throw these in the washing machine so you don’t stink up your closet!

    Are you reading this, Nike?!

  • @drgnslayr what does your wife say about these?

  • @drgnslayr

    You must have been at my school taking that first picture!

    I am always amazed at my school how nice the shoes are. It’s a cultural thing for sure. I’m a prematurely gray headed 50 year old white dude and I can buy a new pair of cheap shoes and I’ll walk into class and the kids will all make comments about them. I think it’s a characteristic of people in poverty to look for something that will communicate status and success, even if it’s shoes, or pants. One of my students a few years ago got robbed of his pants believe it or not.

    Translate that to basketball and shoes and recruiting and kids in poverty it makes more sense to them than it does to us I think.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Luckily I’m an old guy and don’t need to compete in the young men’s athletic wear world. Luckily!

    She is just like me and has always thought the sagging pants were dumb. Almost as dumb as the $200 basketball shoes…

  • @drgnslayr

    Dang Slayer…how can I unwatch those pics?

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Sorry… I sort of blew up this morning on the entire ShoeCo part of our society so I related it to what was something similarly distasteful in my opinion. It’s difficult for me to even come over here and respond.

  • @drgnslayr Could have pretty much done without all these pics!! lol (puke)

  • @drgnslayr LOL! OMG, I can’t unsee that!!

  • @nuleafjhawk said:

    @drgnslayr Could have pretty much done without all these pics!! lol (puke)

    Especially freekin Justin Beiber. What a douche’

  • Banned

    Oh my eyes, I must poke my eyes out.

  • My wife walked by and said, “I thought that was a basketball website.”

    I’m trying to explain …

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