Does Slice Rohrssen Leaving UK Signal that the Hypothesized Nike-Agent Complex Has Lost Faith in Cal?

  • Cal has failed at the ring game two straight seasons with all of the marbles; i.e., in apparent maximum stack mode. Before that he squandered things with Nerlen Noels team, when Noels was injured. Is this the beginning of the end of Cal’s gravy days?

    Or have the powers that be just decided that St. John’s needs to become the designated stack in the Big East and they need some feet on the ground there.

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    I believe Cal is losing favor with not only Nike but the Kids he recruits too. He’s had all a coach, a program could ever want and he couldn’t deliver. Not only that he comes across as cocky and a arrogant ass. Ever notice when UK loses it’s never about the other team playing great, it’s because the players didn’t listen to him and do what he said.

    If the game is to sell shoes then being a arrogant ass isn’t they way to go. If everybody hates you and you are sponsored by Nike, then people, fans will begin to hate not only Cal, UK but also Nike.

  • Cal/UK has the #1 class and seems to be doing just fine; as usual he is just reloading.

  • @JayHawkFanToo He is reloading but now one of their big gun recruiters is gone to greener pastures at St. Johns. How can that be greener? And, what does that mean for next years recruiting at UK? Decline perhaps? Flat out tail spin?

  • @Lulufulu or does he want out of there for other reasons? Maybe he’s not a drake fan or ashley Judd, or kissing ass, or selling seats on bench for platoons. Trouble?

  • They have one ring since the millennium started, we have one. Duke, UConn have 3, UNC 2, heck even his rival Louisville has one. That’s got to be irking some uck fans.

  • The important question is who Cal gets to replace him.

    “Slice” Rohrssen is “the man” for recruiting in the NY area. It is obvious that Mullin wants to lock down NY-area players to SJ. A solid move.

    Hard to say WHY Rohrssen left. Perhaps the grass was greener (more money) on the other side? He appears to be a “must have” for Mullin. In some ways Cal could turn this into an advantage by replacing him with a non-eastern accent guy since Cal recruits coast-to-coast.

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    His biggest recruiter, WWW, is still with him…

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    Yea but for how long? I would also say there is some ??? marks even on this years recruiting class. Remember Nike is not loyal. It’s all about the money. If Cal and the UK starts to hurt their brand they’ll drop them like a hot potato.

  • @DoubleDD

    Recruits dd not know who would be staying or leaving at UK and in part, this is why so many of the top recruits waited, He still has the top ranked class so there is no problem there… UK is tied in long term contract with Nike so I don’t believe there is an issue there either. Much ado about nothing.

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