How much does a lion weigh?

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    “Where he messed up with the story,” senior center Tarik Black said of 250-pound Embiid insisting he came out on top in his battle of man versus beast, “is he told me he had to carry it back home. No human being can carry a lion. It’s impossible.”

    An adult male lion weighs 330-550 lbs. I think Jojo could carry it.

  • I put on funny glasses and see a 16 year old giant carrying a 500 pound lion over the plains in Africa. 🙂

    It’s not happening.

  • “No lyin’: Lion-killer Embiid* to lead Kansas against Iona tonight”

    So does that mean Embiid is starting tonight?

    Embiid could carry a lion, after a field dress. Or he could drag the entire beast back home with two long sticks and a cloth… a gurney without wheels!

    I actually believe him. He can’t boast about it, or he’s cursed.

  • Hey, Dragon. Didn’t our Joel play like a giant last night?

    I think he will be a true giant if he kills a “lion” like last night every time!

  • He said he wasn’t affected by his dad being at the game. We’ll see about that… he certainly seemed like a man possessed. If he doesn’t always hustle like that we’ll have to find a way to keep his dad in the USA this season!

    I thought a few of his moves last night created the best highlights. You just don’t see big men who can move their feet like that… heck… you don’t find 6-footers who can do some of those moves!

    I wish we could hold him here for 4 years. We don’t have many lions to conquer here… but we have Wildcats! (and Sooners, Cowboys, Longhorns…) Bet he’s never killed a longhorn before! While we are down in Texas we should take him to a longhorn ranch and take some photos of him wrestling a longhorn to show his friends back home. He can start a new legendary story.

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