Svi picked as high as #12 in next year's Draft.

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    So does this mean that Brannen will still not be a starter in his Junior year? Pretty high expectations for the few minutes he got this year.

  • Gheez… If I dribble a ball out at half court for Late Night will they have me pegged as a lottery pick?

    That is like speculating on top of speculating.

    This is the stuff that brings Kansas basketball down. We can’t even get a player to contribute a couple hundred points before he is gone because of all the bs hype… I think I’m dreaming…

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  • I am so proud of myself. You guys won’t believe how many really nasty comments that I have typed and discarded. I mean a LOT of them.

    The whole Svi thing just about got a “submit” instead of a “discard”, but I caught myself just in time.

    Is the NBA looking at kids still in pampers? I’ve got a 2 year old great nephew who can flat out SKY. Got a WICKED 2 foot sky hook. The kid has MAJOR FLIPPIN NBA POTENTIAL.


  • @nuleafjhawk Can we get his footprint on a letter of intent?:)

  • @wrwlumpy

    This is a bunch of Ukrainean oxen dung.

    The kid imploded.

    I know he has a tremendous amount of potential. I was as high as anyone on him early.

    But Svi has to prove he can stay in the rotation before I can speculate further about him just becoming a D1 starter.

    A top 15 NBA draft choice?

    End of next season?

    How about get over a screen first?

  • @jaybate-1.0

    “How about get over a screen first?”

    Not necessary… the new bar has been set by Kelly. A player just needs to reach 333 points before he is ready to face the men’s league.

  • @wrwlumpy - Yea, I think Svi will start over Greene. And I think he should start over Selden. Svi showed me that he is more valuable in Self’s system than either player – emphasis on “Self’s system.”

    I’d have no problem starting Greene in an appropriate system. In fact, I would have him shooting threes until he cried uncle. But his skill set is not valued highly enough, nor is it exploited, in Self’s system.

    Both Greene and Selden are poor ball handlers, neither can score at the rim, Greene can barely get to the rim. Selden is a better defender than Greene, but after the abuse he took against WSU, and his shaky performances this season, he is no where near the defender we had hoped.

    Svi showed he is an excellent defender, that he is a vastly superior defender than Greene, that he is a much better ball handler than both Greene and Selden, that he can operate in the open court, that he can distribute the ball on the run, and that he is the best on the team at the fabled post entry pass from the wing – again, focusing on Self’s system. His shooting lagged a bit, which I just chalk up to age/experience.

    This is why I still think a Greene transfer is still possible (despite what his dad said). Further, if we sign a wing – Ingram, Brown or Newman – that’s six perimeter players. Greene would be really low on the pecking order. Heck, I don’t think a Selden transfer is out of the question.

    Here’s Selden’s quote after the WSU game – “I struggled early and I let my team down,” Selden said. “I wasn’t there from the beginning. I wasn’t there on the defensive end. I didn’t do anything to help the team and I wasn’t scoring. I just feel bad.”

    I’m just puzzled how a kid this highly ranked is such a no show for the WSU game, and for so many games this season. He seems to be a Self favorite, starting every game. But you never know if there might be some disconnect. From a practical standpoint, the kid’s professional stock has done nothing but go down at Kansas.

    I do think Selden can turn it around though. But if I could have Svi or Selden for next season, I’d take Svi. And in Self’s system, I’d take Svi over Greene as well.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    I believe I mentioned this before since it is one of my favorite quotes…whats is the difference between a good player and a great player? CONSISTENCY!!!

    Think of all the great players in basketball and you will see that the one thing they have in common is that they have consistently performed well, from game to game and from season to season. So many players with one or two great season and then nothing or players that had one or two 40-50 point games and then back to mediocrity…good but not great.

    This season, KU had two players that had performed consistently well. We will probably agree on the first, Mason, who showed up just about every time and the second, which you may or may a not agree, Ellis, who did have a few games when he disappeared but by and large he played consistently well and was KU’s best player while Mason was unquestionably the MVP.

    The rest, Selden, Green, Traylor, Alexander, Svi, Lucas had at time great games, but more often than not, had par or sub-par performances with Oubre somewhere in between. All the players I mentioned have the talent to be great, but they need to develop consistency; the “B” game will not cut it, they need to bring their “A” game every time and develop the consistently that will move them, and by extension the team, to the next level.

  • @HighEliteMajor Selden is the most enigmatic player on the Kansas roster. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why he underperforms. Guess we just have to chalk it up to something mental. Greene and Svi’s shortcomings are more obvious.

    Svi’s problems seem the most likely to be solved simply by the weight room and experience.

    The book seems to have been written on Greene. Guy can’t move his feet. Hard to see the concrete boots coming off after two seasons.

    I agree, Svi seems the best bet for Self’s system, but when your perimeter is stocked with players that come with big asterisks, I can’t help wishing Self would recruit a “sure thing” like Brown or Newman. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll get lucky enough to deal with that log jam.

  • @ajvan Greene wearing “concrete boots.” Perhaps that best captures the reality of Brannen, at least at this stage of his collegiate career. There is, indeed, more than 20 minutes of room for J. Brown on the Jayhawk squad, I should think. But most likely, another OAD.

  • @HighEliteMajor Agree totally on Svi. Anyone who has watched a few years of college basketball, and watch Svi handle the ball, see his court vision, see the defensive fundamentals…can see his huge, absolutely huge upside. What a find. And, a 5star kid that ya just know will soon earn his rating. He gets “it” in a way that even some MickeyD’s do not.

    Lets put it another way for our fellow Jayhawk friends here to contemplate: If Svi was suiting up for Duke or UNC or even KY, many would be lusting after his potential, as he is only 17, after all.

    If Svi had stayed in Europe til he was 19 or 20, its a very, very easy extrapolation (for me) to imagine him being a lotto pick at age 19, as “one of those European names and kids you never heard of, but now going lotto”.

    Svi = 6’8 “point-wing”. Soon will be able to play positions 1-thru-4.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Like your post. The only player you left off was Devonte Graham, who simply played beyond a frosh for most of the season. Kid hurt his foot, and we missed him. And he won us a couple of games during our late season 6-for-11 record. And he was THE best player vs WSU, which almost amounts to a condemnation of the entire roster not-named-Mason.

    Notice the 3 most unbelievable finds (Mason, Graham, Svi)…none are McDs. At least we will get them for another year or two.

    Let’s hope Carlton Bragg is a quick-learner. Im OK with adding a 6’9 athlete to the paint, and its great that he is in the 11-70 rank. How weird to have to hope that the kid is “good enough to contribute right away, but not so good that he’s an OAD”. A precarious balance needed for this system…

  • @ralster

    Oops. I had a whole paragraph for Graham that somehow I forgot to include, but basically I said what you did and although he disappeared on a few games, he played remarkably well for freshman, and as I mentioned before,when you looks the outside shooters that saw significant playing time, he is the only one that can actually create his own shot…something that was sorely needed from the other players.

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