More Fun - UK bows out at 38-1, or UK bows out to Bob Morris?

  • To me, it’s no contest. The Bobby Morris loss was fun, don’t get me wrong. UK was having a down year, wound up in the NIT and gets beaten by a team that most people have never heard of - doesn’t get much better than that, huh?


    Kentucky steamrolled us and just about everyone else ALL year long. They were huge favorites to win it all and to steal Indiana’s glory as the only unbeaten team in almost 40 years and then BAM! They ran into the Badgers! Or the Badgers ran into them I should say. Sucked the life out of them and probably the entire state of Kentucky. (And most of Las Vegas!)

    I’m sorry to be feeling so nasty the day after Easter, but since KU has been out of it for a while, I could not imagine a better scenario. I’ll be rooting for Wisconsin tonight, but the outcome of tonight’s game will in no way rival the joy I got from Saturday’s game!

  • @nuleafjhawk Oh yah! We all know what happened now, dont we? Plus Kensuckballs lost MILLIONS of dollars in revenue from this. I am very happy indeed. All I need now is to see an NCAA investigation against UK for recruiting violations or some such thing.

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