A bit of post bball season fun, a day early. Recasting Star Wars with todays Div 1 coaches

  • Star Wars and College Basketball. Great match right? Yah, I thought so. So, if I was the casting agent for Star Wars episode 4 today, I would pick my cast based upon fictional likeness of character only. Slight malice intended 😉
    And, please everyone feel free to change the cast. This is sposed to be fun!

    The big 3 of Luke, Leia and Han would be filled by: Freddy Hoiberg as Luke Scott Drew as Leia Bill Self as Han Solo

    Larry Brown as Obi Wan

    Jim Boeheim as Gran Moff Tarkin ( the officer that interrogates Leia )

    Coach K as C3P0

    Travis Ford as R2D2

    Trent Johnson as Chewbacca

    John Thompson as Darth Vader

    Shaka Smart as Darth Sidious aka Emperor Palpatine (sp?)

    John Calipari as Jabba the Hutt and the trash compactor snakey monster thing

  • @Lulufulu Not that I am not a big Mangino fan, and I know you said bBall coach-but I would cast our big man as Jabba.

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