USA Today: Jack Taylor scores 109 points

  • According to the story, “Taylor etched his name in the record books again by shooting 35-of-70 from the field, including 24-of-48 from three-point range. He made 15-of-17 free-throw attempts to finish with 109 points, the third-most in NCAA history.”

    I can’t even imagine how a player puts up enough shots in the course of a game to score this much, even if there isn’t much defense being played. Is this a one-man Globetrotters show?

  • I don’t know what to think of that kid.

    In the same sports rag they had a good story on a school just south of Lawrence.

    It’s great to have two quality teams in our state! I’d like to see us meet in the Final Four!

  • I am sorry but in my opinion this type of basketball games are an embarrassment to the sport. It is basically two team playing zero and I mean ZERO defense as the final score (173-123) indicates; this is 7.4 combined points per minute…it is like watching Frankamp practice shooting 3 pointers. From what I saw on a video from the previous games players did not even come back to play defense and stayed on one side of the court heaving shots. It is volume shooting at its worst.

  • @jayhawkfantoo Thanks for the info. That’s about what I expected. I think those games deserve an asterisk–like wind assisted long jumps

  • Hey… I scored 324 points in my driveway yesterday in only 30 minutes. And I had stiff defense from the neighbor’s dog!

    Who do I contact to get national attention and placed in the record books?

  • Agreed,
    I appreciate the kids talent, and games like this are giving a little school some sunshine. I’m okay with that. Maybe that’s how some programs get exposure. Zero d and run and gun.

    However, and asterisk would be nice-these games are not apples to apples with most ncaa play.

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