• IMHO, fans need to understand that there appears an underlying reason that elite coaches probably love the OAD process, even though some say they don’t apparently for public consumption. It appears that heavy reliance on OADs massively leverages a coach’s negotiating power with his employer–the university athletic department. Anytime a Chancellor, an AD, or an alumni movement, start feeling like getting rid of, or feel like not giving a raise to, or not giving an an extension, to a coach that relies heavily on OADs, he can just threaten to take next years 3-5 OADs to his next school. Coaches that rely on OADs/TADs up to the level of 5-10 on a roster basically appear to own their employer. How can UK fire, or force out, or even reign Cal in? It appears he could move to Texas right now and UK would literally implode for the next five years at least. Cal leaving UK might be way worse than a near death sentence by the NCAA.

    Same with Coach K.

    Once Self gets a roster of 5 OADs it is probably too late to negotiate anything with Bill Self. Once he gets a roster of 10 OAD/TADs, everything with him could become literally non negotiable. Getting to 10 OAD/TADs is like getting to the back line in checkers and getting kinged.

    OADs are the ultimate moveable feast.

    With 5-10 coming in every year, you can go undefeated and win a ring at Vassar your first season at your new school.

    And the university left behind?

    It has a huge sucking sound of a giant athletic budget’s monthly nut that will no longer be serviced without going to alumni, or regents, with their hands out.

    The only seemingly completely safe job in America is Head Coach of an elite basketball program with a roster of 10 OAD/TADs and contacts to keep the dump trucks backing up to the athletic housing, where ever the coach decides to work.

    Of course as history teaches, all completely safe bets depend on some underlying conditions not changing.

    Whomever controls the dump trucks backing up to the athletic housing that dump the 5-10 new OADS each season, are really who is running the show, aren’t they?

    The coaches are like lackey kings.

    A lackey king is, within his kingdom, quite powerful.

    But it is the owner of the dump trucks, and who decides what they carry that might be the real power over the throne set upon by the lackey king.

    So far that issue remains opaque.

  • @jaybate-1.0 How do they say it on Wayne’s world? Bill Self will have 10 OAD’s when monkeys fly out of my ars!

  • @Statmachine

    Do you know a good proctologist?

  • @jaybate-1.0: I know it is against NCAA rules to give benefits as inducements to the HS athletes, but are there specific NCAA regulations against schools/recruiters/coaches giving money to AAU coaches, to foster their relationships (i.e., to keep the pipelines open)?

  • @EdwordL

    Search me. What I try to do is assume that in this complicated and not very transparent (to fans anyway) D1 environment that what goes on is probably legal, because there is so much money at stake and so much money to hire good lawyers to find technically legal exploits of the rules. For example, I try to believe that everything going on with recruiting including the anomalies are legal, whether or not they are asymmetric in their effects. I try to leave the illegal stuff to the authorities because I am just a fan.

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