Bill Self, The Dragonslayer

  • Oh yeah… it’s my avatar name. Funny coincidence.

    So we are back to square one; having a deep conversation if we should be going after OADs or not.

    These players seem like a mixed bag. They are the pistachio nut of the nut family. Ever bite into a bad pistachio? Yeah… perhaps the worst taste you can have and hard to get that bad taste out of your mouth.

    Why is Self suddenly a dragon slayer? Who is the dragon?

    The dragon is Kentucky and Calipari.

    If more schools don’t start stepping up and challenging harder for top recruits, Calipari will continue to have his way with that entire elite top shelf. If he does that, does it really matter if we develop a good team of 4-year players?

    Kansas is taking some recruiting pages out of Kentucky’s book. We are developing luxury suites for players. And we are adding on to AFH. Glass building? Seems I saw a similar development at another school? In Lexington.

    Until recent, Kansas really wasn’t fighting for many of the elite recruits. These days, we do seem on many of their lists, even if we are still fighting to get a bigger share of them.

    I’m not posting this to support a revolving door recruiting policy. Right now, I wish we were the Michigan State or Wisconsin program in the Final Four!

    Does the results of this year’s March Madness impact schools like us? It seems our 2012 loss to Kentucky in the Finals impacted Bill Self to take on the duties of dragon slayer!

    Are we doing all of college basketball a favor by continuing to push harder for OADs and become one more school to help dilute all that elite talent from just being able to sign with Kentucky?

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