ESPN: UNC loses to Belmont at home.

  • Belmont stuns UNC at home

    Wow… UNC hadn’t lost a non-conference home game in 8 years…

    Link to article.

  • Is Roy and North Carolina on a decline? Times couldn’t be better than they are at KU right now!!

  • Belmont was a “Wrecking Ball” in Chapel Hill:

    Miley Makes McAdoo Miss

  • I think this could be a good reminder to the team not to rest on their laurels tomorrow night. Yeah, we beat Duke, but Iona is a capable team with some good outside shooters, just like Belmont. I don’t think it’ll be a huge blowout, although I’d welcome one. I hope this team handles success well.

  • I hope this team handles success well.

    @konkeydong , along the same lines I hope this team also realizes they are in a “getting better” race with the other potentially great teams. If we don’t get better faster than everyone else, we will not have a great year - a very good year, maybe, but not a great one.

    By “very good” I mean a conference title, by “great” I mean a conference title and at least 4 wins in the NCAA.

    To win it all, we need to be great and lucky.

  • @parishawk I think your summary is spot on for managing expectations. I would add that a conference title might require a ‘great’ year because the Big12 looks better at the top than in the past (OSU & ISU)

  • Lots of off court issues and some untimely transfers have hut UNC. They have good class coming but this year might be trying. Roy Williams is a very good coach and he will right he ship.

  • Iowa State knocks of Michigan at home. Oklahoma beats Alabama. Baylor whips South Carolina. Wonder how the Okie State-Memphis game will be? Big 12 might not have as many teams as the ACC and American, but Our top 5 can beat their top 5.

  • UNC was severely hampered without Hariston and McDonald. Think of us playing, in any recent years, missing 2 of our best players. You would think they still should have beaten Belmont, though.

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