Cal to Texas for $100 Million/Yr Salary?--jaybate 1.0 Intelligence Agency

  • Texas equals Nike.

    Texas vastly bigger high school basketball recruiting base than Kentucky.

    Texas vastly richer school than Kentucky.

    Because of its oil endowment and its oily alums, Texas could exponentially increase Cal’s salary, and benefits, and World Wide Wes’ take could be sweetened, to something completely beyond anything Kentucky could match.

    Texas needs a winner quick, while football is in the dumpster, and it can get back to winning HUGE instantly with Cal.

    The ultimate coaching candidate for Texas is: JOHN CALIPARI.

    Money talks.

    What if Texas offered Cal $100 million per year in salary to move even before the Final Four and bring his next ten OAD stack to Austin?

    Cal proved that his formula works at lowly Memphis.

    It worked in Lexington.

    It would be a slam dunk in Austin.

    Really, Cal and Nike can do this anywhere.

    They ought to do it where the biggest money is.

    Texas is where that is.

    Why should Cal settle for a measly $5 million per year?

    Why shouldn’t he be the first $100 Million/year coach?

  • @jaybate-1.0 Noooooo!!! I’d have to start watching DII basketball. Can’t stand that egomaniac in B12. That said, a very clever idea! It’d be a boost to B12 & recruiting will be a walk in the park for Self - "care to go head on with Cali’s 10+ OADs against Texas? Hope Texas doesn’t hire Marshall, at least Barnes has class & character unlike shady Marshall using elbows to hit other players. So yah JB, I’m on board with Cal coming to Texas provided he doesn’t dirty it up. Good way for Self to show the world what he could do with 5 OADs!! Bring that slick Cal & Nike to B12!! First, we need to form The B12 Refree Association (managed by students & fans without pay) to keep Nike’s money out of fixing conference games.

  • @jaybate-1.0 No matter whom the Longhorns do hire (and I think it will be Marshall), it will be interesting to see if they up the stingy salary which they were paying Barnes. Richest athletic program in the league shelling out peanuts, comparatively, for a coach. Kind of a laugh. Actually, my not so humble opinion is that most head coaches are way overpaid. $5,000,000+ is socially insane. But I suppose that if the Longhorns are willing to cough up only half the amount paid to the Kansas coach, then they will continue to sail at half mast.

  • @jaybate-1.0 On further review, I do rather enjoy your thesis. Heck, Longhorns could easily offer Cal a measly 20 million per, guaranteed for 10 years, and probably snag his signature within seconds of the offering. City of Austin could erect a huge arch at north end of the burg announcing WELCOME TO NIKEtown USA!

  • Nice thoughts by all. My take is different:

    Wildcats?? Sure I’ll root for KY Wildcats, simply out of spite to KState! Must credit Calipari for proving his system, & getting those kids to play together. Of course I was desperately pulling for Notre Dame, but the joy & elation on those KY kids faces was real, regardless what we think of Calipari.

    I’d root for KY over AZ wildcats, too…there’s something I just dont like about AZ, & I cant put it into words

    Of course, we all will be Wisc fans for 1 game against KY.

    Oh, and I will absolutely root for purple, if its TCU Horned Frogs! Beware of the Frog. TCU ftball+ bball are legit. There’s a better purple on the block, & it’ll take more than some ymca team to beat what Trent Johnson is building, without the ShoeCoComplex recruits…(go purple!)

    Speaking of Calipari, I’ll take him ANYDAY over that twit twat disingenuous fake-ster Scot Drew, & over Weber. Calipari’s done what no other coach has with his OADs, although Mich Fab5 had great run.

    No, I dont think the KY model is good for college ball, I’m just tipping my hat to a guy that figured out a way to exploit the current OAD rule the best. What he’s doing is obviously working, for now…BUT I’d still like to see KY get beat somehow…2 more BIG tests in front of them.

  • @jaybate-1.0 So WHY is it that the ShoeCoComplex is giving Cal & KY all these recruits? Why him? Why KY?

  • REhawk’s supremely noble sentiment of the amount that top college coaches are paid being “socially” wrong, or hard to justify on a social level left me pondering that concept…

    Hasnt this whole thing been discussed ad nauseum over the last 30+ yrs in the sports world, regarding BIG money salaries & contracts???

    Personally, a business or CEO/ owner can do whatever he/she wants with THEIR money, from signing a coach or player to mkt-competetive salary, OR donating a chunk to their charity of choice. This is nothing but business world reality. Has nothing, I mean nothing to do with starving kids in India or Guatemala or right here in the USA. One can earn a Ph.D in studying Sociology, but then…that degree wouldnt give them any foundation in understanding market forces & business entities seeking a competetive advantage.

    I find it hard to think that most sports-aware American adults dont already appreciate how BIG business the NFL and NCAA are. The kicker is: its ALL supported by millions of people with their TV, mdse, and ticket dollars. Sorry, but mostly, sociology all boils down to people making choices…on either side of the equation.

    From a business standpoint, do you think KY ADept & BigBlue Nation fans are happy with their money spent to pay Calipari??

    Why did Zenger ink Self last yr to a 10-yr, $52mil deal?

    And for any that dont know, this is NOT public state monies–> no way KY or KS legislatures would be able to justify that, while the amount of people on state govt assistance grows daily…All the money KUADept or KY Athlet.Dept has is generated by their own hot-commodity revenue.

    Not to digress too much, but people who wish to lobby the govt hard for social change are almost naively misguided. Such lobbyists need to be making appts with Koch brothers and with NFL owners and other huge business enterprises…the govt has enough challenges, and frankly, puts the “squeeze” (taxes incr.) on those same entities, right??? And the social lobbyists maybe need to do ad-campaigns asking the American public at large to make different choices with their money , & see if donating to the poor/needy competes with NFL/NCAA?

    Not hard stuff, conceptually, but whats hard is the harsh reality of just how much money the vast majority of sports-loving American public spends to support their teams. That’s harsh reality for those people who’d like to totally change or impact this world on the social level. They need to take Economics101 & realize basic innate facts about human wants/desires, then add on top of that human competetiveness, & how sports allows for a vibrant & vicarious expression of our competetiveness. A lot of primitive, innate human qualities are satisfied thru sports: cliquishness, us vs them, want what they have, territoriality, battling one another–This stuff goes back to hunter-gatherer days or this klan vs that klan. So my point is, social lobbyists have to realize what they are up against, before looking naively at 2 concepts that have nothing to do with each other. Illogical link. I consider even this post of mine to be partly wasted time, but I put this out there because I’m old enough to have seen this get discussed over the decades, that Im sure there’s young Jayhawks wondering the same thing ReHawk was alluding to.

    Cliff Notes version: choices, choices, choices. But see the “choices” the American public keeps making. Think about it, make up your own minds.

    I thank ReHawk for bringing the concept to light, hopefully promotes deeper thinking by all. RCJH.

  • @REHawk

    Salaries for all of our sports heroes and actors, singers etc are all insane, but to me, it’s a sign the free market works. Those high powered coaches bring big bucks to the university so they’re rewarded. It’s the same way if instead of Texas basketball it’s GM, or Target or whatever.

    Or if I had read first, what @ralster said!

  • @ralster I’m with you on AZ! Don’t care for Miler, and his recruiting stings up the sky. He reminds me of Duke K’s face but much fatter. Not very nice of me, and don’t have anything against Miller personally, but there are coaches comes across as real MAN => Self. If that makes any sense.

  • @ralster Hell, now you’ve pitched me into deep introspection of what I declared! I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the matter.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    “Why shouldn’t he be the first $100 Million/year coach?”

    Heck… make him the Governor of Texas! His first job… since Texas can’t deport anyone (and I’m not just talking about Mexican people)… he can at least RECRUIT some 5-star residents for the State! Doctors, scientists, skilled workers…

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