The past two seasons: Déjà vu all over again and again

  • So many similarities between the past two seasons. And, we’re basically on the same dang merry-go-round going into next year: same core group a year older, with a promising young new big in Bragg and probably an even younger 18-year old Svi playing on the wing. Still fun, but it does gets a little less exciting each time around.


    Record: 25-10, 14-4 Big 12

    Outright B12 Champs

    Lost in B12 Tournament Final

    Highest rank: #2 (week 2-4)

    Lowest rank: #20

    PreTourney Rank: #10

    2 seed. Lost to 10 seed unranked Stanford by 3, 57-60

    Final coaches poll rank: #14

    Biggest losses: @Texas by 12, ISU by 11 (B12 tourney), @OSU by 7, @ WVU by 6, @Florida by 6

    Best Wins: #4 Duke, @#8 ISU

    Most Fun: Seeing Embiid develop so rapidly

    Guys gone: 4 (Embiid, Wigs, Tharpe, Frankamp)

    ** 2014-15**

    Record: 27-9, 13-5 Big 12

    Outright B12 Champs

    Lost in B12 Tournament Final

    Highest Rank: #5 (week 2)

    Lowest Rank: #14

    PreTourney Rank: #10

    Final Coaches Poll Rank: TBD

    2 seed. Lost to 7 seed #14 WSU by 13, 65-78

    Biggest losses: Kentucky by 32, Temple by 25, WSU by 13, K-State by 7

    Best Win: WVU OT

    Most fun: Perry Ellis hitting his prime right before his knee injury.

    Guys gone: 2+? (Alexander, Oubre… + ? )


    Here we go again…

  • @DanR Good tally of the similarities.

    On the plus side: We get almost everybody back, including high-ranked kids (Selden, Ellis, Greene, Svi), and developmental kids (Mason, Graham, Lucas, Traylor, Hunter). We may possibly get Cliff back, depending on NCAA, and his own decision, if allowed. I know his pro stock took a BIG hit by him being behind the curve, then having to sit. Don’t make the SelbyMistake, as that may have cost Selby everything. Use the free ESPN publicity KU gets to showcase. Do it Self’s Way, which is all about featuring versatile bigs. Its why Cliff said he picked KU. So let it work for you, Cliff, it wasn’t a bad plan until mommy screwed us all. Could have used a 6’8, 240lb body against WSU. More bright side: We get another frosh McDAA (Bragg).

    The down side: Oubre may be gone, as he is listed in the lotto level currently. But we also know Oubre in Yr2 > frosh Oubre. Also on the down side, just as its on the bright side: We get another frosh McDAA (Bragg). Ideal situation is to NOT count on him for some magical double-double outta the box. If he was Jabari Parker-good, he’d be ranked top5. Likely, he’ll end up being a MickeyD with-skills, but not-quite ready for NBA (like Rush, Chalmers, Shady, Cole, Sherron), and ends up staying for 2-3yrs. We shouldn’t forget the physical and mental maturation that comes from Hudyization and time-in-Self’s system.

    Self has a very, VERY positive track record with McDAA-level talent that returns for another season or two. TrueOADs are very iffy, as its hard to know who will pan out as a true OAD, like Okafor clearly is for Duke, unless he wants to return for “fun”.

    I do know overall, that SelfBall runs best with upperclassmen + “experienced” MickeyD level talent. Next year we’ll have an abundance of BOTH, finally, after waiting 2 yrs. That is a big difference NEXT season has built-in for us, naturally.

  • @DanR You missed Tarik Black leaving last year. Bring yer total up to 5 gone.

  • @DanR Oh yah, This next season will be different. Unlimited practices for our guys before they head to Korea? Oh yah, KU will be better.

  • @ralster

    “On the plus side: We get almost everybody back,”

    I know the logic says that is good… but is it? Will our returning guys improve enough to perform a lot better in March? I’m not sure.

    I’m thinking more about the dynamics. Is this a good mix of guys? Is Self able to improve their games considerably?

    I really thought we had great team chemistry potential this year. All our guys really like each other and stick up for each other… that is a great thing. But it didn’t really end up transferring into success towards the end of the season.

    It seems we need a leader and a catalyst… preferably, one in the same. Is Devonte that player?

    I’m just throwing out an open mind here… I have to say that I was very impressed with how he stepped up against WSU. He seemed to be the only player with the right energy.

    Maybe next year we put him in the starting PG role and slide Frank over to the 2 and also backup PG minutes? Frank is awesome… but it’s time we have a leader. We had 3 leaders in '08! TT was the last real leader we had in '12 and we almost won it all.

  • @drgnslayr I was very impressed with Graham. He is not as good of a ball handler as Mason, but still pretty stout. But he is a much better creator – better drive and dish. I agree completely. Next season, I would love to see Graham at the 1, Mason the 2, and Svi the three. Ball handling at all three spots.

    @ralster You said, “Self has a very, VERY positive track record with McDAA-level talent that returns for another season or two. TrueOADs are very iffy …”

    You are right. You identified in another thread how successful Self was with many non-OAD post players. Sometimes you just have to recognize who you are. That’s why I REALLY wanted Tyler Davis along with Bragg. Davis went to Texas A&M. I would rather have had Davis than any OAD. Period.

    As @DanR pointed out above, the merry go round continues. Does Cliff Alexander even feel like a Jayhawk? I know that’s a little rough to say, but it doesn’t feel like it to me.

    KU was a pitstop. As I’ve said for quite some time now, I’d rather have guys that need KU to the get to the NBA, not guys that need a place to go for eight months.

  • @drgnslayr I think Self’ s record of having guys improve is pretty good. Mason and Graham will be better. Lucas will be also (although I agree with those that say he should be a role player). Ok… jury is out on Wayne and Jamari regressed this year. There are exceptions. We’ve seen glimpses of Svi’s talent…really excited about seeing him next year.

  • @Lulufulu Man, I can’t believe I forgot about Tarik. He was another pleasant surprise on that 13-14 team.

    @highelitemajor and @drgnslayr Graham has a great reputation on campus according to some faculty members I know who’ve had him in class and totally love the kid’s exuberance… he’s sounds like a potential role model, leader, “team uniter” kind of guy (which I think we’ve been missing the past two seasons). Too much to ask from a freshman, but he sure didn’t seem like a typical freshman either this year.

    OK… starting to see some bright points. I promise I’ll shake off the doom and gloom in the next couple months!

  • @DanR Tarik is still surprising fans!! What a terrific guy!

  • @DanR

    He’s going to be a great player… and the really good news is we have him for 4 years!

  • Nice read.

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