let them play

  • Jeepers…if WWW’s hand picked crew of zebras is going to call touch fouls on the Mountaineers all nite Huggy will be down to three eligible players and will be down by 60 at the final whistle.

  • @SoftballDad2011 they are coming back!! Jk

  • This is miserable.

  • Someone is wanting that 40-0 apart from UK.

  • Ridiculous game. Why ticky-tack fouls now?

    I’m starting to buy into that story about WWW owning refs.

  • My my my, if Calipari goes to the NBA, Whoa Nellie…There’s gonna be a barn burning in Lexington. I guarantee you Calipari will leave that program in some kind of hot messy scandle, and still escape free of any responsibility.

  • @drgnslayr Calipari has his guys playing like they’re up or down by 1 pt too. He could put his equipment manager, water boy, assistants, and maybe Winona Judd in to sub, and still win by 20 pts.

  • @Shanghai_RCJH Sure they are, it’s ridiculous. It’s going to be sad if they find something when Calipari leaves. They’ll vacate this record. UK will want his head on a platter. They worship him now, but when he leaves in the next year or two, something is going to blow up. They will want his head.

    IF they find something and if something blows up in Lexington when he leaves for the NBA, the NCAA needs to grow a pair and ban him from NCAA coaching. Three strikes and he’s out.

  • @truehawk93 how 'bout Marsha goes there? Perfect!

  • @truehawk93

    “They’ll vacate this record.”

    The NCAA doesn’t vacate anything from Kentucky. If they wouldn’t do it after the point shaving scandal they aren’t going to do it over something like a recruiting violation.

    “Too big to fail.”

    Calipari finally hit the real jackpot. Backed by a team that is untouchable by the NCAA.

  • @truehawk93 I agreed. Without sounding like a sore loser, I found it hard to believe that in a non-free market (all scholarships are the same and rules are governed by NCAA), such congregration of OADs is feasible. What intangibles are UK selling that are so good? Posh Housing? NBA Lottery Picks Track Records?

    If it is NBA Lottery Picks Track Records, then, all 2015 Class should come to Lawrence.

    I get it when you are Google, Apple, Microsoft, you get all the talents you want.

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