New Chip Material For March....

  • “Kansas now has six first-weekend losses as a second seed, the most by any team in NCAA Tournament history.”

    My blood is boiling!

  • Got these numbers from wikipedia so I apologize in advance if they’re inaccurate. The percentage of 2 seeds advancing in the round of 32 past either 7 or 10 seeds historically lies at about 67%. Strong odds but greatly reduced compared to 1 seeds vs 8 or 9 seeds which rests at around 86%. Almost a twenty point difference. Kansas’ performance as a 2 seed (7 times with 3 losses coming in the second round) is around 58%. Undeniably under-performing with two of the three losses coming this year and last year. The positive in me says in ten years, with the consistency of our program, that number should progress closer towards the mean or even exceed it.

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