Man... I wasn't going to do this!

  • Really… stop everyone!

    I wanted a break to work on my garden.

    I’m already getting juiced for some International ball!

    When is our first game?

  • @drgnslayr I grew my first garden last year. My dog Cow ( English Shepherd) promptly ate the basil and parsley I planned to use in my pizza sauce. So I had crushed tomatos on the pies. Gardening is a lot harder than the good green thumbs make it look.

  • @drgnslayr ha! Love it! Summer ball, developmental time! Lets hope incoming MickeyD Carlton Bragg grows 2in…

  • 2015 World University Games, July 3-14, in Gwangju, Korea. We’ll be playing against professionals from around the world.

    Twenty-four teams will compete in the 2015 Games. There will be four pools of six teams each. Following pool competition, the teams will be seeded for bracket play with the top two teams from each pool battling for a medal.

    Will our new recruits get to play? Will Svi have to choose whom to play for, Ukraine or KU?? Ukraine probably has plenty of alternatives, but I have no clue.

  • How much of a chance the longer season wears them out sooner?

  • @tundrahok Svi can’t play w/us.

  • @Blown maybe we’ll platoon? Jk

  • @Crimsonorblue22 You’re right! I should have kept reading.

    For Kansas’ participation, only U.S. citizens can compete and incoming freshmen and transfers qualify. The Kansas travel party, consisting of 12 competitors and staff (24 total), will leave Lawrence June 28 and live in the athlete village throughout the Games.

  • @tundrahok wonder if the walk ons will be part of the staff?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Yes, they are going to have to make some tough decisions.

  • @Blown

    “How much of a chance the longer season wears them out sooner?”

    Interesting question. There is also the chance someone gets hurt, too. International ball can get rough. On the other hand, players sometimes go down in the summer, too, just playing unorganized ball. At least this is monitored, structured basketball.

    I think the guys will have a couple months off afterwards, before Kansas ball… right?

  • @Blown Self also said he has thought about how KU will adjust its schedule after the trip ends. After going hard for the early part of the summer, he plans on shutting his players down.

    “That means they’d have basically five weeks to get their legs back under them, which is plenty of time," Self said. “So they still get their summer break. They still have all that. Then start back up again maybe Sept. 1.”

  • @drgnslayr Gave up gardening about 2 years ago. Had a nice 16 x 40 garden. Everything was coming up real good. Went out one morning and everything was gone except the deer hoof prints in the dirt. Between the deer and the stink bugs ruining the tomatoes, gardening was not the way to keep the bp down.

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