KU Sports: Kansas snaps 27 game Big 12 loss streak! Beats WV!

  • Charlie may get one more year, but I still think we should get a younger, lesser known, and more cost effective replacement while we stll can. Buy him out & be done with it. JMO

  • I’m pleasantly surprised. Really didn’t think we had another win in us this year.

    Of course, our last 2 scoring drives today totaled 15 yards, following interceptions and long returns by the defense. Without those, our offense scores only 17 points and we lose.

    But I’ll still take the win.

  • A wonderful win and KU looked good doing it. Rock Chalk!!

    We won’t know if this was the turning point for KU Football for some time, but it certainly could be. The players and staff have been working hard without much to show for it, so some success could be –dumb luck (but this was an convincing win) –the other team self-destructed (maybe a little) –a reasonable outcome given our preparation and effort (my personal opinion) –an epic reversal of past futility (only time will tell)

    We could win next week at Iowa State which would make this season a success IMHO. If so, I think the program is making sufficient progress and we can have some optimism for next year.

  • It was nice seeing the football team put all the pieces together and string 4 quarters of decent football. This is by far the biggest win for the programs since the Orange Bowl Glory Days team. Interesting that it happened the same week of one of the better wins for the basketball program as well.

    Is this the turning point for the program? I don’t know, time will tell, If they can pull a win against ISU and have a decent showing against KSU, the season will definitely be a success, particularly when there is a lot of talent coming back next season plus a bevy of players that had to sit this season. I am cautiously optimistic.

  • Good win. No catastrophic errors, and no unnecessary trickery by Weis (although he should have kicked the field goal instead of going for 4th and 2 in the fourth Q–ultimately it didn’t matter). I’ve been hanging in there and suffering for the past few seasons and I’m really happy for the players and the faithful students who showed up today.

    Saw some WVU folks downtown tonight and they seem to be enjoying Lawrence.

  • I agree with the first post. Give Weis one more year, buy him out & get a young unknown in here.

  • Great win team. Nice to have that streak over with.

    Party tonight, prepare this week, show up again next weekend.

  • @hayshawk. Who would you suggest KU hire? A young unknown coach will not be able to recruit the Big 12 caliber players needed to compete in the league and a better known coach would be hesitant to come to KU which traditionally has had a weak football program and does not attract top players. Not counting Heaps or Crist, how many 4 or 5 star players has KU had in the last 20 years? My guess is that the big programs, including several in the Big 12, in one year have more of those than KU has had in 20 years

    After the Gill fiasco, it is wholly unrealistic to think the program could be turned around in two years; I always thought it would be a 5 year effort. In his first year Coach Weis had to make do with players he inherited and the incoming freshmen he was able to retain. In his first full recruiting season he had to pick from players that had not already committed and JuCo players…with mixed results. Because of eligibility issues and injuries, several key players were not able to take the field this season. Next season the core of the team is coming back, several key players will be eligible and the first batch of players he fully recruited.

    I believe that this years team is much better than Gill’s second year team.

    Next year should be the real test of how much the program has or has not improved under Coach Weis.

  • For a “Total Rebuild” in Year 2–> Weis’s Year2 team looks WAY better (most of the improvement this season has been on the D) than Gill’s Year2 team. Gill’s Year2 team (& his lack of knowing what to do with it) actually cost Gill his job. Charlie Weis has been busting his butt, even if you or me do not agree with every decision he has made. But he most definitely has been trying, including chucking his whole NFL offense, which was actually a major reason I liked him. So he (& we) are in new territory here: Weis goes with a dual-threat QB, AND said after WVa that we “spread-offensed the hell out of WVa, since everybody in the league had been doing it to us”.

    Charlie Weis and his experienced staff could be JUST the crew to “lift” quickly the spread-offense ideas from the opposition and implement it at KU, which is EXACTLY what he did, using Art Briles’ Baylor offense against WVa. My guess is, since it got us a W, that we stick with it, and the boys get even better at executing it. Hell, even Justin McKay caught a pass! And Sims goes for over 200+…

  • Nice post, ralster!

    When the word came down that we hired Charlie, I did not get excited like my Jayhawk friends did. I was skeptical because I just thought Charlie was using KU to get somewhere else. He still may be doing that, I don’t know. But I know he has had to endure some horrible moments in Jayhawk football history and he still keeps going. From what I’ve seen, he is working hard at what it will take to bring KU football up. It’s all about taking incremental steps. Fortunately, the game of football is so vast, with large teams, plentiful offensive and defensive schemes… kicking… special teams… there are so many areas where a team can focus and find ways to improve, and Charlie keeps working on the details.

    I’ve watched every Jayhawk game this year except last weekend because I had to work. I DVR’d the game and my DVR went on the fritz so that is the only reason I missed the game. I’ve also gone to some home games this year, too. We’ve been a competitive team all year, just had some bad breaks and then the team would usually lose motivation towards the end of the game.

    Now I’m on board with Charlie. As long as he shows us he is putting out the effort, I’m in with him.

    We’ll never get a quick fix by changing coaches. I’m doubtful we will find someone of Charlie’s caliber to replace him. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t support a change if it starts looking like Charlie isn’t into KU football enough. But as of now, I don’t see that.

    I definitely question some of his calls this year, but I always question some calls by every coach, including Bill Self!

    Realistically, it is going to take a while to build KU football. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and if you look at what Charlie has to face, his task might be tougher than just building a city. A big part of the picture is to land better recruits… a tough task when selling KU football, and to be honest, selling the B12.

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