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  • I know I’m the “chip guy” in here. I’m not going to go off on one of my million-word rants on the value of playing with a chip.

    But I would like to know if others in here have ideas on how we should combat that definite disadvantage we have to play against every year in March?

    I’m trying to remember the last time I saw a Jayhawk team with more enthusiasm than their opponents in March… I’m thinking Danny and the Miracles.


  • I have a *&^%&))&^-ing chip on MY shoulder. I am TIRED of being embarrassed every March. OH YES IT IS embarrassing losing to teams that are seeded 10 notches below us. And it is embarrassing to lose to Wichita State. Wichita Effing State. Really?

    Evidently, I’m a snob. An elitist snob. I fully expect KU to win 35+ games. Every year. I expect to go to the Final Four. Every year. I expect our teams to hustle - give us their blood, sweat and tears. Every year.

    I’m sick of being apathetic. I’m sick of not giving a crap any more after we get humiliated. My wife is glad. A lot less stuff is broken around the house. I’m not glad - I want to be PISSED when we lose.

    I don’t want to EVER have another season where some richard-noggin comes up to me and says " How 'BOUT them Shockers? ".

    I want to go to our locker room and tell them how unimpressed I am with our OAD’s and McD’s (for the most part). I want to teach them how to play like their lives depended on it for two hours. I want to give them a class on KU History. The Wilt’s, the Lovellette’s, the Manning’s - hell, I could type for an hour about the great - GREAT - players that have been here. And not only been here, but been invested in the heart of the program. Been invested in the town of Lawrence and the state of Kansas. I LOVE those guys who are pissed after a loss. Who cry after a loss. Who feel like they’ve let their teammates, fans, family and friends down after a loss.

    Those kinds of guys are the reason that we are the second winningest program in college basketball history.

    I want them back.

  • Perhaps, the constant adulation these kids receive from playing in a packed AFH swells the egos too much. They’re worshipped like pharaohs and the Ego is a terrible thing if not controlled.

    I wonder why Roy achieved 2 rings within 6 years of departure. It always stands out to me.

  • @Blown

    ahem, Isn’t Roy in deep doo doo for wrongdoings and UNC. The NCAA hammer will be dropping soon.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    Your post really made me take a look at the disconnect between Kansas fans and players. As Kansas fans, we’ve been building our chip every since '09. We have been piling up March failures for several years. Most of our guys have only been at Kansas for a year or two. Perry is the only guy on this team that probably connects with how fans feel because he is from Kansas and has always been a Jayhawk.

    I think there needs to be better communication with the players to educate them on Jayhawk history and expectations. I bet most of our young guys know almost nothing about the history of Kansas basketball. Of course they have heard of Wilt. But Kansas basketball is a lot more than that. A big part if the diehard fan base that is spread all over this planet!

    I feel like this is one area where we could help build a chip in our guys. We need to do something. I’m really friggin’ sick of March games where are guys come out all stiff and looking like they just came back from a funeral. We had ZERO enthusiasm Sunday. Devonte was the main guy with enthusiasm. Perry probably would have had a bit more if he wasn’t so banged up.

  • @Blown

    “I wonder why Roy achieved 2 rings within 6 years of departure. It always stands out to me.”

    I don’t want to reopen a can of worms… but I do think it helps that Roy went home. He attended UNC and played on the JV team. I don’t believe a coach has to be alumni at a school to be good… I just think it adds something extra when they are. I think it was the little extra push Roy needed.

    Plus… now he recruits nationwide! He refused to go east when at Kansas because he didn’t want to battle Dean Smith.

    Gosh… remember all that nastiness when he stole Harrison Barnes from us?

  • @drgnslayr SOOOoooooo - IF BS weren’t here ( and I’m not suggesting anything ) - who would be good candidates in your mind?

  • @nuleafjhawk

    I think there are several good Jayhawks coaching out there. But… I’m glad we still have Self! I think we all just need to beat on him for a while to open up his mind to change.

    It is normal, after a tough loss (and some pile on from previous years)… that we hammer down on our coach. After all, he carries the ultimate responsibility. I think it is normal that we focus on all the negative things we don’t like about him now. It’s a natural process that needs to happen. People need to vent. But also… when under duress people often open up to changes and growth. This is another opportunity for all of us and Self to think differently and look for ways to improve. Struggle should bring growth. If it doesn’t, then bigger changes need to happen.

    Right now… I think many of us are overlooking all of Self’s positives, because right now we are focusing on his negatives! Self is human. He does have some negatives just like all of us have.

    What I would really love to see, is Self open up and make some positive changes. He has so much untapped potential in himself that he isn’t taking advantage of! He lives a bit too much in the past. He lives a bit too much in his old Oklahoma youth. The game has moved on. Defense remains important, and the most important part of the game. However… you just can’t win without offense! In today’s game, defense isn’t enough by itself. Not in March! Literally… we should consider coaching this team just like it is structured in football. Offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator. We should separate the game and try to build both sides of the ball. We focus too much on defense. We need more balance.

    And then we can recruit better, too. Don’t you think other teams use it against us because we are stuck with the hi/lo?

  • @drgnslayr Your future in politics is secure! Lol…

  • @nuleafjhawk

    Hahahaha… gee… thanks! 😞

  • @drgnslayr said:

    Don’t you think other teams use it against us because we are stuck with the hi/lo?

    You already know the answer to that !!

    I personally think we ought to switch to a two-handed set shot. No dunks allowed. Get the NCAA to do away with the shot clock. We can run the four corners and win every game 19 - 12.

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