Go Huggy and Lon!

  • Our season may be over, but that doesn’t mean we have to turn off the TV.

    I’m pulling for Huggy and Lon!

    The Big 12 would get a lot of sudden validation if Huggy could pull off the miracle against UK. I realize it is unlikely… but unlikely events seem to be the norm in March. I appreciated how they played their guts out yesterday and beat a tough Maryland team. Hats off to Turg for bring good basketball back to Maryland and to Huggy for keeping our conference alive in March!

    Meanwhile, Lon continues quietly bringing success to his resume in March, beating a tough Dayton team. The real test will come next against the hardened bunch of Izzo troops, ready to bring mug ball to OU. Fortunately, OU has already experienced WVU this year and knows what to do.

    Thanks Huggy and Lon for salvaging the Big 12 reputation! Without these guys bringing game, the Big 12 would be 0 - 7 making it through the first weekend!

  • @drgnslayr

    OU will have to play better than it did most of yesterday’s game with Dayton. They only pulled away in the last couple of minutes of the game when Dayton finally ran out of gas after playing 6 games in 10 days and only playing 7 players, none taller than 6’-6". OU should have dominated inside against a much shorter team and yet it did not. In all fairness, Dayton is a very well coached team and the players are hard working and overachievers that do not give up.

  • Exactly, plus we know them very well and hope they continue their run!

  • @drgnslayr Im with you on that one! Go Big 12! That would be sooooooo sweet if WVU could upset UK. At least injure them enough for blood to be in the water and the sharks to come out…figuratively of course.

  • @drgnslayr Go OU Go WVU

  • I saw a stat during the OU game that said Lon was the first coach that took 4 different teams to the Sweet 16. Anyone else see that? Quite impressive.

  • @RockChalkinTexas Doug Gottlieb quickly jumped on Twitter and said Eddie Sutton also took 4 different college teams to the Sweet 16. Glad to have Lon and Huggy in our conference.

  • @drgnslayr: A few years ago, WVU kept Kentucky out of the FF. They aren’t frightened of anybody. Remember, Hatfield-McCoy was a WV-KY feud.

  • @EdwordL I so hope WVU can knock UK out and spoil their year.

  • Ruh Ro!!

    Shortly after West Virginia’s 69-59 win over Maryland Sunday night in the NCAA tournament, two daughters of Mountaineers Coach Bob Huggins tweeted out rape-related jokes in regard to the Terps’ Dez Wells. Jenna Leigh Huggins subsequently deleted those tweets from her account.

    On Monday, Bob Huggins’ daughter took to Twitter again, this time to post several apologies:

    Last night on Twitter I made a mistake in saying what I did about Dez Wells.

    — Jenna Leigh Huggins (@JennaLeigh44) March 23, 2015

    I want to apologize to Dez Wells, the UM team, the University, it’s fans, and the Jewish community for my remarks.

    — Jenna Leigh Huggins (@JennaLeigh44) March 23, 2015

    It was an exciting game between two great teams and emotions were out of line. I was wrong to say those things and I am sorry.

    — Jenna Leigh Huggins (@JennaLeigh44) March 23, 2015

    I also want to apologize to WVU. Mountaineers are better than that, and I have learned a valuable lesson.

    — Jenna Leigh Huggins (@JennaLeigh44) March 23, 2015

    Coach Huggins’s other daughter, Jacqueline, had also appeared to have posted these tweets Sunday night: “NO MEANS NO DEZ!” and “Hey #Maryland yell “airball” all you want at Wan, because at the end of the day…. Dez is still a [expletive] RAPIST.”

    That Twitter account, @JacqueHuggins, has been taken private, and those tweets appear to have been deleted. At this point, she is not known to have made any form of apology.

    Wells was expelled from Xavier in 2012 following an accusation of sexual assault. A grand jury declined to bring charges in the case, and Wells later came to a settlement in a lawsuit he brought against Xavier

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