#14 Seeds...OUCH!

  • A nightmare number for the Big 12. Niang has a rough day for ISU. Drew has a rough day for Baylor. Fools Gold dooms their days.

  • @REHawk We play a 15. Notre Dame barely beat their 14. We better NOT be looking past them.

  • A really, really, really bad start for the Big 12…

  • Very bad start for the Big12 indeed. Should get the Hawks focused on playing well though, and not take anything or any team for granted.

  • @hawkmoon2020 Hopefully it will ignite them to go out there and represent.


  • @RockChalkinTexas In this annual Crapshoot I have become leery of lower seeded, lower echelon programs who arrive all fired up to compete and harvest accolades against the team with the current longest uninterrupted series of NCAA Tourney appearances. Will probably be gripping the arms of my recliner tomorrow, praying that Lady Luck smiles upon Jayhawk colors. And if that word LUCK sounds too nebulous I am willing to go with GOOD FORTUNE.

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