A Juicy New Rumor About Cliff

  • I just nicked this nugget from the “other” site. It was a re-posted comment that was originally written by a poster named Ransam at The Slant. Granted, the comment may be from the horse’s mouth or it may be horsesh*t, but it was interesting no less. According to Ransam:

    “Cliff had a meeting today at 3 o’clock with the NCAA and It ended at 6pm. In attendance was his mom, dad, and cliff. Not sure if anybody else was there besides the NCAA. The issue is about $50,000 and it involves his mom. His father or cliff knew nothing about it. One of the major issue is if his mom gave Cliff any money or bought him anything using that money, and if he knew where the money came from when she bought it for him. That is Why cliff has already provided bank receipts and personal phone statements. Any personal decisions made about Cliff basketball career will be handled by Cliff and his father, his mom is not involved going forward in regards to Cliff’s basketball career. From what it sounded like, she may not even be welcomed at his games. Although that I’m not clear on. It is possible that a decision could be reached as early as tomorrow and Cliff could possibly fly out and be with the team in Omaha.”

    If true, this is fascinating and sad all at once in a tabloid sort of way, especially if Cliff is ultimately not cleared to play and his career at Kansas is over. I would certainly love for Cliff to be involved in the post-season. I guess the question is: if he is cleared and if he does return does that positively or negatively affect team psyche and chemistry considering the team has been preparing for basketball life without him? It’s a potentially positive development, but a distraction is a distraction, something a young, inconsistent team doesn’t need on the eve of tourney play.

  • Cliff did NOT travel with the team to Omaha. It’s a distraction for the coaching staff and I believe it would affect the chemistry of the team. Go get the W FOR him not WITH him.

  • @RockChalkinTexas

    Just to clarify the timeline here. The repost of the original Slant post was about 9 hours ago, which means the original was sometime before that and most likely before the team left for Omaha. I know Cliff is not currently with the team in Omaha, but we may have a second game there …

    Also, there was speculation here and elsewhere that Cliff’s mom/parents were stonewalling the process, something that this post suggests is not the case. Again, I don’t know if there’s any truth to it, but it’s still an interesting development if it happened.

  • @RockChalkinTexas I have to disagree W/u on this. IF this is true, Cliff is not at fault, the team has said all along they had cliffs back! Self said he’s been practicing well and Lucas has been injured and not practicing full time. This would be a bonus and might spark Cliff! I hope it’s true, plus I would think he would want to come back, next year, if we want him??

  • Well, if there’s any truth to this rumor it sounds like there is a possibility that Cliff will play for KU next year. I still wouldn’t count on him this season.

  • So the original post of this was out of nowhere about midnight??? Not lending this much weight as of this moment. Sorry

  • @cragarhawk said:

    So the original post of this was out of nowhere about midnight??? Not lending this much weight as of this moment. Sorry

    In college my best ideas came about midnight after “30 stones for 10 bones”.

  • With Landen and Perry banged up I’d settle for any additional help in the post!

    Here’s a guy anxious to take a plane out to Omaha.


  • FWIW, here is a story from yesterday with Coach Self’s comments on the travel issue. I have not been able to find any other reliable publication with more recent information.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I’m willing it to be true and happening soon!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 OPERATIVE WORDS - IF this is true.

    How can you believe what someone under an alias wrote?

    No different than the fact or fiction article I posted about Cal that everyone debunked that I labeled “fact or fiction.”

    His coming back in Omaha is not going to happen. He’s become too much of a distraction.

  • @RockChalkinTexas said:

    His coming back in Omaha is not going to happen.

    Probably true.

    He’s become too much of a distraction.

    I don’t think that’s the reason, if that’s what you mean.

    If he gets cleared by the end of the week and we win Friday, I say Self will send for him without a second thought because he is an eligible scholarship player. Whether he plays him or not is another matter.

    Again, not saying that will happen.

  • @RockChalkinTexas

    "How can you believe what someone under an alias wrote? "

    Very true.

    But at this point, not many guys in media with their exposed names are trustworthy either.

    This is a big story, and it tilts heavily towards Cliff not playing. So it is easy for media guys with ambition to go ahead and connect the last dot or two and post it as fact.

    Self also plays this like the “Riverboat Gambler” that he is. He doesn’t want to show his hand and he’ll run bluffs to keep opponents guessing.

    I won’t believe anything until I see games played with or without Cliff.

  • @RockChalkinTexas I did say IF! Cliff is not the distraction, it’s the whole ordeal! That is a huge distraction!

  • I’m willing to wager that the equipment folks were told to pack a bag marked “CLIFF” for the trip to Omaha…just in case.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 The ordeal is there because of Cliff.

  • Something has whispered at me, all along, that we have not heard the last of the “Cliff Thing,” either positively or negatively. I hope that the Red Dog gets cleared to play. I don’t envision that possibility as an eventual distraction for Bill Self or his current big men.

  • And here’s another little whispering that could turn in to the blaring of a smalltown noon siren. If the Powers That Be don’t find it in their array of options to clear Cliff to play in this Tournament, they are setting themselves up for an extensive legal battle, the outcome of which will probably result in the writing of new codicils to govern such future issues. Bill Self has carefully pulled Kansas Athletics from the heart of such an oncoming fray by publicly laying the issue upon Cliff’s doorstep. In actuality, the issue more precisely squats upon the doorstep of the Div. 1 governing body.

  • I think Self has this played right (this time).

    Last year, he kept the light on for JoJo and the team always practiced and played like they were just going until JoJo returned.

    This year… they already have the mentality that he’s gone. No one is expecting Cliff back.

    Because of that reason, I don’t think Cliff’s situation is causing a big distraction. In some ways, it may even be a good deflection away from other Kansas issues… like our youth, poor perimeter shooting recently, and when we lost at bad ball.

  • @drgnslayr Opposing coaches, esp. this weekend, must prepare for a variety of Jayhawk offenses, most notably the re-emergence of the outside game. Now they must also deal with issues of Cliff’s eligibility and possible injuries or recoveries among other Jayhawk players. Self himself, swept up in the array of various tugs and stresses, must be quietly emitting a wolfish grin.

  • @REHawk

    The Coach stepping forward, when some forward stepping is needed.

    It appears this situation could not only cut both ways, it could cut every which way, or not at all.

    I have ventured relatively little speculation on the Big Red Dog situation, because the situation appears too opaque for me to make sense of, and perhaps rather more complicated than appearances suggest, at this time.

    All I can do is wait for more data points.

    Its giving me some sweaty palms, though, despite my long term optimism.

    For now it remains for me, as Churchill quipped of Russia, as his quip was reputedly recycled in Enigma starring Martin Sheen, and as paraphrased in Oliver Stone’s JFK, a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.

  • @dylans … Sorry for my reply to be 5 days after your Posting.

    You said … bolded text"Well, if there’s any truth to this rumor it sounds like there is a possibility that Cliff will play for KU next year. I still wouldn’t count on him this season."

    There is absolutely NO WAY that any money would be provided to Cliff’s Mom or Dad WITHOUT the signature of Cliff, himself, agreeing to future earnings of any type would be paid to the “Lending Business or Person!” This is common business practices of getting a signature from the wage earner that has the obligation to pay the funds back to the provider.

  • @RedRooster Having worked in the legal field for 30 years with a large part of that in commercial lending, a required document in this case is called a “Guaranty Agreement”, whereby a person independent of the maker of the loan agrees to repay said loan if the maker of the loan defaults. Cliff is the only one that is scheduled to be making the money that would have to be used to repay and, thus, could be the only one to guarantee the payment, unless his Mom or Dad put up their house as collateral. A car wouldn’t cut it as far as comparable worth.

    Correctomundo Rooster!

  • @RedRooster Not to be argumentative, but the conspiracy theory fan in me comes out from time to time. I was fairly certain that’s how legal loans are obtained. I have no idea how to hide a loan from someone, or how an under the table loan would work. I’m not sure if it was a legal loan or more like a loan you get your knees broken for not paying. I’ve never heard of an agent knee capping anyone, but…

  • @RockChalkinTexas

    All speculation at this point. So anything is a possibility.

    While not universal, a general rule is that co-signers are used for consumer transactions and a guaranty is used for commercial transactions. Not always the case…just the norm.

    Cliff providing guaranty is certainly a possibility. And in the world of finance, Cliff’s signature on some sort of a promise to repay would be a logical requirement if the source of repayment is indeed Cliff’s future earnings.

    Anyone who specializes in loans to prospective draft picks (as has been stated about this firm) should know their source of repayment could be impaired if an impermissible benefit could be proven and their client’s draft stock were to plummet.

    So maybe the loan amount was low enough that they weren’t reliant upon NBA earnings…so they got Cliff’s signature without regard for his college eligibility because they knew he could make enough to repay the loan by playing in Europe.

    Or maybe the information they used in underwriting led them to believe that Cliff would be a first rounder with guaranteed money even in a worst case scenario…and they got his signature.

    But also keep in mind that anyone with adequate earnings and/or net worth could provide guaranty…doesn’t have to be a familial relationship.

    A credit worthy friend, neighbor, mentor, runner, agent… could serve in this role.

    Anyone - relative nor not - would/should at a minimum want reassurance of repayment by the borrower (so they don’t have to repay).

    But most non-relatives would likely expect a return in exchange for the risk they are taking.

    The UCC filed in Cliff’s mom’s name is not indicative of a mortgage loan (real estate) or vehicle loan (perfected by a lien on a title). A UCC is used to perfect a lien on non-titled personal property.

    But unless documents surface, all we can do is speculate.

  • I heard Cliff just transferred to UK and he’s already been cleared to play next year! He qualified for a hardship transfer and doesn’t have to sit out!

    Ha… just kidding… JUST KIDDING!!!


  • @SoftballDad2011 Forgive me & I offer an advance apology, but I cannot resist interjecting the term “foreclose”, with a tongue in cheek reference to the filing of the UCC indicative of personal property purchases. Maybe the loan was simply “for clothes…” Like I said, certainly not at all PC, but humorous none the less. We can all use a good laugh after Sunday’s epic egg laying performance.

  • @globaljaybird lol!

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