• My best guess is we have a lot of travel for coaches visits to prospects towns a LONG ways from Lawrence. Most likely at least some of those flights involve the KU Jet or Charter.

  • @JayhawkRock78

    Article talks about private jet use and it’s cost to university. States half the budget if for it.

    Shocking to see 5 Big12 schools in the top 10 for spending.

  • You notice that most of the heavy cost group is from states that do not produce a lot of in-state talent.

    There is only 1 player ranked in the top 100 (ESPN) this year from Kentucky. There are no Kansans, one West Virginian, one player from Arkansas, one from Oklahoma, two from Alabama and none from Iowa. Those are the home states of 9 of the top 10 spenders.

    To see any top 100 talent, Bill Self has to go out of state this year. In no year have there been more than two Kansans ranked in the ESPN top 100, so Self is getting on a plane to recruit just about anybody that he wants.

    Same for most of the rest of that top 10. They have to spend because they can’t find talent nearby. The exception is Florida, but their budget is inflated by the fact that if they do go out of state, they are going to spend because chances are its going to be a long trip.

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