Some Things Gregg Marshall Might Have Thought After Learning KU and WSU Were in the Same Bracket

  • ~Bill Self’s penis is bigger than mine.

    ~If KU doesn’t get upset quickly, everyone will find out what a pretender I am.

    ~I wonder if Winthrop will take me back?

    ~I wonder if we could learn to play BAD BALL in a week?

    ~It’s hopeless. He’s going to treat me like he does Scott Drew.

    ~I could leave a suicide note.

    ~I could pretend to have amnesia

    ~I could get a 200 point tattoo on my giant forehead that reads: please don’t beat us bad, because I pimped you last season.

    ~Motion play.

    (Note: All fictional satire. No malice.)

  • @jaybate-1.0 said:

    ~Bill Self’s penis is bigger than mine.

    Eewww! You referenced basketball coaches comparing the size of their private body parts on a chat board–how vile, lol!

  • @KUinLA It was a typo - you know how coaches always carry a pen with which to make notes?

    My PEN is bigger than his…

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