• Petro was talking about a pattern in the coaching career of Bruce Weber. He follows a successful Hard Nose Demanding Coach with a happy go lucky friendly demeanor and a fun offense. Players want to impress their new coach, play well, and enjoy the fun style of coach Weber. Bruce then gets to recruit his own players and things always begin to go south.

    Nino Williams and Thomas Gibson were trained by Frank Martin. Both of them decided to be honest about what happened at K State in their post game interviews.


    Competition has improved everywhere in the Big 12. Tubby and Trent are starting to get big wins with their teams. Weber tied for the Big 12 Championship with Frank Martin’s team. Then, like at Illinois, the wheels fall off.

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  • And Frank Martin with SC played without 2 suspended players last night and still won the game (w/only 8 players) vs Ole Miss.

  • @RockChalkinTexas Did you see the photos Kelly sent you in the “I was wrong” section?

  • @wrwlumpy NO.

  • I’m sure Angel is glad he transferred!


    Subtitle - " The Octagon of Dump smells a little less sweet "

  • @nuleafjhawk The Octagon of Dung…

  • @Gunman yes, that’s better!

  • I do respect Gibson and Williams, how crappy to play w/those selfish, undisciplined teammates!

  • Weber is a fairly average in game coach, but a poor recruiter. Because he isn’t a strong recruiter, he needs to be an above average X’s and O’s guy to make up for that, or be surrounded by strong recruiters as assistants. Unfortunately, he has not been able to do that.

    As a result, he gets exposed by his players. Marcus Foster is a classic example. He comes in and dominates the ball in his first year. Weber decides that since Foster is such a good scorer, he should move him off the ball and put in a new point guard to run the show and distribute. Unfortunately, he didn’t have anyone on the roster or recruited that could do that. Foster is frustrated and pouts. Injuries happen. Wheels fall off.

    This is the exact cycle that happened at Illinois. Weber has (at most) two more years in Manhattan.

  • @justanotherfan

    I believe Foster is a very talented player but also a cancer in the program. Once he realized how good he was he decided he was bigger than the program and acted accordingly…coaches don’t like that and he was benched several times; unfortunately, his attitude was contagious and resulted in frustration to the older, more disciplined players. He is probably one or two years away from being NBA material so the question is: does he grow up, toe the line and play one more year at KSU or does he transfer and sit one year? Given his rocky relation with Weber it is hard to see him staying another year, so maybe he ends up playing in China…which seems to be what Europe used to be.

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