Bonnie Henrickson out as KU Womens BBALL Coach


    We needed more than she could deliver.

    Good luck where ever you land coach.

  • Glad she’s gone. No reason we can’t have a successful women’s team with the tradition and facilities that KU offers. Always thought she under achieved and got way too much time at the helm. Hope we land a good coach and build a top 25 program like all the other blue blood men’s programs have

  • Interview her and find out if Big Shoe Is part of the women’s game?

  • @jhawkintexas My ego is just big enough that I could deliver the same record at half the pay. Please hire me-for 200K.

    After all I coached my daughter and her team to a tourney win in 6th grade. Since we only had two ball handlers and had no height we couldn’t run an offense-I just had them sprint for a fast break after a defensise rebound.

  • @JayhawkRock78

    You have my vote! Unless Lew can get Geno Auriemma?

  • I wonder what is Tamecka Dixon doing now? She seems to be the best lady J in recent memory. 3 x WNBA All Star and 1 x WNBA Champion.

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