Ok? Bad Ball will have it's test Saturday

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    KU will be without Cliff, Perry, and mostly likely Selden. So if HCBS wants to play bad ball this is the perfect measuring stick.

    After all playing bad ball isn’t playing to your strengths. It’s just keeping the game close and win it at the end. So if this is the truth about bad ball, then KU doesn’t need Cliff, Perry, or Selden to win this game. Right? After all the system is to play bad ball. Just muck it up if you will.

    If KU even keeps this game close then I’m on board. Bring on the bad ball.

    However when we get rocked in the tournament by some lower seed that lights it up from three land don’t come on here crying why didn’t we shoot the three.

    Which I’m fine with KU and HCBS not valuing the three, but just don’t recruit players that can shoot the three, tell us how great they can shoot the three, and then don’t let them shoot it until after they run the offense.

    Sorry if I sound rude. (((Sorry))) However you naysayers that say look at the last game. KU isn’t that good at shooting the three. Sorry but shooting the three isn’t like a light switch. You can’t just turn it on and off. It’s either apart of the game plan or it’s not. You don’t go whole games not shooting the three shot until the end of the game or when the shot clock is running out to ok lets shoot the three. Five games ago this KU team could bury a team with the three, now they look so nervous and even pass up on open shots from three land. Wonder why?

  • Bad luck 😉

  • I think he should try some Euroball… get Svi out there as a guard, mix things up… I absolutely would like to see a little experimentation.

  • I just posted on another thread … Self said that he may “tweak” some things and have some “fun” today. That might mean the three ball gets unleashed, or playing small, or four out/one in. We’ll see what “tweak” and “fun” mean.

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